Vaping Diaries #232: D2 E-Liquid Dillon Dygert Interview (ECC 2014)

As a fan of complex dessert e-liquids, I was happy to meet D2 E-Liquid (pronounced D-Squared) president Dillon Dygert at a recent United Vapers event. The company currently specializes in bakery and dessert juices with a lot of layers. After chatting with Dillon at ECC 2014, I was even more impressed by D2 E-Liquid. I love how the company emphasizes safety; throughout the D2 E-Liquid juice-making process, all the ingredients touch glass. It’s more expensive to produce e-liquid this way, but ensuring that all the ingredients stay in contact with glass (and never touch plastic) prevents contaminants from seeping into the juice. This pricey process delivers purity of flavor and a higher level of safety.

As for the juices themselves, D2 E-Liquid started with two flavors and released one shortly thereafter. At ECC 2014, the company launched a new flavor. Watch the video above to learn all about D2 E-Liquid’s four flavors, how the company got started, how it produces its juice, and more.

D2 Dillon Dygert Interview ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV