Today’s Poll: Who Had the Best E3 2012 Press Conference?

You guys and dolls have discussed the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony E3 2012 press conference. Now it’s time to pick which console company had the best presser! Please vote in today’s poll and explain your pick in the comments section…

You guys and dolls have discussed the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony E3 2012 press conference. Now it’s time to pick which console company had the best presser! Please vote in today’s poll and explain your pick in the comments section.

As for me, the choice was clear. Nintendo had a great start with Pikmin and Super Mario Bros., then crashed hard. The presentation for SiNG halted momentum and that 3DS vice president dude sucked the oxygen out of the Nokia Theater. I thought Sony Kaz Hirai was the master of that trick. The Nintendo guy’s air-sucking ability raised the bar. He must have worked with the Kirby games.

Microsoft had a good show, but I wasn’t overly impressed with its first-party lineup. Halo 4 is going to dazzle — no doubt about that. I was never big on the Forza series, buy I get why people love it. The new Gears game??? With all due respect to the awesomely talented people at People Can Fly, my initial reaction was, “Look, it’s Gears of War: The Money Grab!”

Sony did the best job emphasizing games and had the best first-party lineup. I’m so psyched for Beyond and The Last of Us. Lots of people loved the God of War III demo…which I called Kratos vs. Goat Boy and Elephant Man. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was more fun than I thought it would be. Although it only got a brief mention at the presser, The Unfinished Swan is my favorite game of the show so far. For me, this was easily the best presser among the three.

Now it’s your turn! Pick the best E3 2012 presser and explain your pick in the comments section (please)!

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36 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Who Had the Best E3 2012 Press Conference?”

  1. I have to go with the one who showed me a post-apocalyptic game set in my hometown. They get extra points from me for that.

    1. Doesn't your hometown already look like a setting from a post-apocalyptic game?


      1. Parts of it, for sure.

        The abandoned steel mills along the Monongahela river can get quite creepy. But one of the weirder, more unknown parts is the secret underground tunnel system that dates back to the Civil War but were still functioning around WWII. Now, certain building just use them for storage, but you can get from one side of the city to the other in them still and there's still WWII propaganda posters on the walls.

      2. Pittsburgh is actually thriving in this economy, from what I understand,

        So much so that I hear the NBA is looking into finally thinking about relocating a team there.

      3. Yes, I can totally see the Charlotte Bobcats becoming the Pittsburgh Yinzers. Their coach will yell all of their plays outright while the team is playing, but the opposing team will have no idea what the hell they are saying.


      4. My theory for that is that Pittsburgh was in a recession before the recession. Because of that, people got used to being poor. So, when the national recession hit, we were like "Well, this ain't nothin' new to us". and simply carried on with what we were doing.

        The other thing, is fudged statistics. The county Pittsburgh is in (Allegheny) hired a new firm to do property assessments. Those people have 90% of the county fighting them right now for how badly they screwed up. They assessed my mom's house at 125% more than what it's really worth and did the same to everyone else. If you were selling (which nobody is or can at that price), it sounds good. But otherwise, your property taxes are now also 125% higher. So, like I said, fudged statistics.

  2. I didn't really get a chance to see anything, but from the sound of things I didn't miss much this year. I'm not really looking for anything right now either, though. Sure I'd still love a 3DS and some good games to go with it, and it seems like there will be some connectivity with the Wii U (?) which could be promising, but I'm not really chomping at the bit for any new products. What I would prefer is news on some exciting new IP. Without that I'm getting a little bored by it all. The latest talk I've heard about gaming is still mostly looking forward to CoD: BO2, Halo 4, and Half-Life 3. Not that those games aren't cool, but I might have gotten more excited over everything if the top stories weren't the same IP. Not to say there are no new games, but the same old same old is still taking top spot.

    1. Dude… Sony's was cluttered with new IP's. Maybe it's time to get a PS3.

      I just got Infamous 2, Virtua Fighter 5, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, LBP2, Metal Corps Uprising, Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light, Warhammer Space Marine, and one of your tag team partner Slicky Fats' favorite games, Just Cause 2 all for $17.99.

      I hate to unleash my inner RROD, but you really have to see the awesome value in that.

      1. That's what I'm seeing from Sony, but I won't be taking the plunge on another console for a long time (even if a next gen console came out tomorrow). With the games you mentioned, sure that's a great deal, but a deal is only good if all the game actually interests someone.

        Also, just because one console has new IP doesn't mean others shouldn't as well. PS3 getting new IP doesn't mean I should jump ship from 360 to PS3, it means I should want new IP from the console I do own.

      2. -"Also, just because one console has new IP doesn't mean others shouldn't as well."-

        Dude, you are totally preaching to the choir. That doesn't mean it's going to happen. Marketing people in America are unoriginal to say the least (look at Hollywood). It's like that old gag cartoon where this guy is fishing and pulls out a fish then all of a sudden, 30 other fishermen run up and dangle their lines in the exact same spot.

        "Jumping ship" is not the way to look at it. That's an old school, G4 flamewar way of looking at it which never was nor ever will be the case. I still have more 360 games than PS3 because I like the network better on 360. PS3 has better hardware and currently I like UI better on PS3 (MS got slow on me with the last update. Looks good, performs like a drunk Droopy dog). However, what Sony impressed me with this year was mainly the new IP's and the leap that said to me "We're still dedicated to moving forward and not just rehashing our former glory" which is literally what the other 2 did.

        But Nintendo in particular… I'm apparently not the only person who seemed to think they TOTALLY lost their mind and John Cheese over at Cracked said it better than I ever could:

        That's a brilliant read that I believe I stole a joke from in this comment..

      3. Yeah, I tend to agree with N8 here. I own both a 360 and a PS3. I play a lot more games on my 360 than my PS3 as I tend to only buy exclusives on the PS3. But I don't feel like I'm "cheating" on my system of choice or anything. I don't own stock in either company, I just want to play good games. If the PS3 has better exclusives, it's just another excuse to turn it on more often. I'll still play all the 3rd party games on the 360 unless there's a vast quality difference. But that quality difference usually goes the other way because the PS3 is "harder" (read: different) to program for.

      4. I disagree about the marketing people, but your example is certainly true when it comes to media. Movies, games, and music are just the same IP in a lot of cases and it just seems to be getting worse every year. I just want a little more originality in games.

        As for the jumping ship comment, it wasn't so much a flamewar statement, but the truth. I've got to be either one console or the other because I can't afford to be both. As far as the UI on PS3, I've used it before and didn't care for it. I've also never liked the controllers either. That's neither here nor there. If I had a PS3 and an Xbox 360 at this point, only one of them would get any use so the other would have to go.

      5. Long story short, Instead of saying "What I would prefer is news on some exciting new IP." you really meant to say "What I would prefer is news on some exciting new IP from Microsoft or Nintendo".

        Because straight up, there are badass looking new IP's, you just don't or can't currently support them. As far as the UI… I'm not a huge fan either. But since MS changed their UI to something that reacts slower than old people doing it… I all of a sudden find myself liking it better now.

        The download times are incredibly annoying though.

      6. That's not really what I would say either. I'd prefer exciting new IP that is cross platform instead of limited to only one console.

      1. I've seen it and I don't get the lust over this game. Odd because I liked GTA4 a lot but the story and characters were so great. Maybe I don't trust Ubisoft to be on the Rockstar level.

      2. You seem jaded about just about everything at this point. The game's got a great Deus Ex meets Splinter Cell kind of vibe going to it. Sounds right up my alley.

      3. Jaded about this E3? Yeah I agree with that. Games in general? Nah. I still spend too much time and money on them.I got more of the open world GTA vibe from the game.Sent from a device with horrible AT&T service.

      4. A lot of journalists have done a slight 180 on the game. Some are going as far as saying it's not "real" yet. In general, I tend to ignore games that I can't play. There are exceptions, naturally.

      5. Yeah I'm looking forward to that now that I just watched the demo for it. Just hope it comes to 360.

  3. Totally aware of that, frankly, it's just all I could afford at the moment.

    Everything I downloaded fit fine, but I got the biggest HDD I could when I bought it and really don't have too many PS3 games to begin with.

    1. I feel you dude, I am sort of under financial strain as well. Only reason I could afford the plus right now is due to the fact that I've taken advantage of the best buy 100 percent trade in bonus. 178 bucks for 12 games that i didn't play.

  4. I only saw the Sony Press conference, which is really strange since the PS3 is the only console I don't have. Oh well. I liked watching it, so I'll give it the "best in show" award. The God of War demo was great and brought back old memories of senseless, brutal violence. What was the most entertaining was me and the wife adding in our own commentary for "The Last of Us" demo. I wish I could have recorded that and put it up on YouTube.

    By the way, where is Big Blak? I need to wish him good luck for tomorrow night.


      1. Okay… well, next time you're not around, let me know. Otherwise, I will assume you are around and continue to "talk poop" fair and unbiasedly.

        It's pretty hard to constipate my mouth…. (that doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean).

    1. I hope they lose in the Finals, not because they beat they Celtics, but because I despise LBJ. I am happy for you though, maybe this will be the first of 7!

      1. That's a shame, but not unexpected. LBJ seems to get a lot of hate outside of Miami. We're used to the haters by now, though. Studying the rivalry a little bit more, I have come to despise Paul Pierce. Everyone else on the squad seem cool enough (including Doc Rivers, of course), but from what I've learned of the LBJ-Pierce rivalry, Paul is a genuine #%@&!

        Well, I predicted the Heat would beat the Celtics in 6 games and I was off by one. In addition, I've been saying "Heat-Thunder" Finals for at least the past month. I think I'll go with Heat in 5 games this time (baring any conspiracy theories… which I have plenty of).

        Speaking of conspiracy theories; if anyone thinks that boxing is NOT rigged, I present to you the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.


  5. 1: we're tied with the Reds, but give it time. We'll end up fighting the Cubs for last.

    2: you're only 1 game back, but still good… For now.

    3: it doesn't really mean any thing until the All Star break, and then if we can keep it up.

  6. Admittedly, I hadnt been paying too much attention.

    I just wanted to post that, because how long has it been since I could have said that?

    1979, the year of our birth. The year that the Pirates beat the Orioles in the World Series.

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