Sony E3 2012 Press Conference Open Discussion

Sony’s E3 2012 presser is just hours away. You can watch the event live right here. As the announcements are made, I’d love to hear what you think of them. Please leave your excellent thoughts in the comments section and I’ll do the same from the event (if my wireless connection permits).

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36 thoughts on “Sony E3 2012 Press Conference Open Discussion”

  1. Wonderbook is this E3's Laser Tag moment if you ask me. The presentation is bland, boring and it goes on forever…and killed the momentum after the AC3 and FC3 demos.

    1. Me and the wife were engrossed by the gameplay trailer for "Last of Us", but we played the role of "old annoying couple at the movie theater asking too many questions" and had fun with it. A few gems:

      "Is that girl his daughter, because if she isn't this game is more f–ed up than I originally thought."

      "Did that girl just throw a brick at that guy's face? What did that guy ever do to the girl?"

      "Do you play the bad guy in this game? Why the hell would you sneak into someone's home and start shooting and killing a bunch of people for no reason?"

      "That HAS to be a quick-time event. There can't be a button that you push that automatically grabs the melee object, wrestles it from a guy's grasp and then smashes the butt of it into the guy in the face."

      "Why did he throw a Molotov cocktail at the hostage? Shouldn't he be trying to hit the guy holding the gun instead of the guy that has his hands up?"

      Being married to someone on the same wavelength as you is so awesome.


  2. Yawn. Nothing here excited me. Last of Us will be worth a look based upon my prior enjoyment of Naughty Dog IP but nothing else here made me happy to be a PS3 owner.

    Beyond? No thanks. Heavy Rain wasn't for me and I really don't like the female lead.

    I'd have liked to see more of a focus on Vita actually.

    1. Dude, weren't you already "done with consoles" in 2012? I'm surprised you even gave enough of a damn to pay attention in the first place.

    1. Ok Thunder, I challenge you to defend the Wonderbook presentation.

      (I figure you need a challenge, because the rest of the presentations was great)

    2. When they said that the first PS certified phone was HTC, I heard you rejoice from 2500 miles away.

      1. I have no fanboyism left in me. I really just want the best of everything.

        The only problem i have with Apple is that they are charging 2000 dollars for computers in the year 2012. I acknowledge that these computers are fantastic, but that is simply unacceptable.

      2. You think that's bad? Anywhere but America has to then pay the tariff on top of that. Even China where most of the parts come from.However, it really depends on what you use a computer for. If you do art (like me) than there really is no substitute. If you do just about anything else, a Windows PC will work just fine.

      3. I must admit that I, as an avid video editor, would absolutely love to give final cut pro a shot.

  3. Of course you can, but that's not the point. I'm saying you already gave up hope from your position and clearly don't want to have it if it's now to the point where you're not going to give a game a chance based on something as frivolous as the person they got to do the motion capture and VO and a VERY vague synopsis. (excuse the run-on sentence)Whether or not it's going to play like Heavy Rain is still a mystery and an assumption. Possibly a safe one, but an assumption none the less. If you had hope still, you'd probably want to learn more which is where I'm at with it. Granted, you're talking to a guy that pre-ordered Superman64 back in the day.But seriously, when has the person that did mocap and VO made or broke a purchasing decision for you?

    1. I don't know the person selected for voice over or motion capture. I just don't care to play a deep narrative starring a female. Hard to get myself immersed in the game/character. That is a personal preference so I don't consider it to be a frivolous matter.My hope lies with Nintendo. There were a few titles I saw yesterday that can or will open my wallet. Southpark, Halo 4, and Hawken (a buy for sure actually).I'm just not awash in excitement for any of the new IPs and nor am I taken aback by the visuals. Sent from a device with horrible AT&T service.

      1. Okay, fair enough.Considering that the Quantum Dream people made a fairly big deal about the fact that they got Ellen Page, you can see why I thought that's what you meant by “I don't like the lead”.

      2. Didn't watch Juno and can't recall the third xmen movie.Sent from a device with horrible AT&T service.

      3. Correction: You DON'T want to recall the third X-Men movie… and I don't blame you in the slightest.


  4. I worked during the conference. My only thought is that I want Quantum Dream to leave Sony and go multiplat. I'm excited for the new story direction.

  5. ***FREE GAMES****
    Is anyone else a PS+ member? They are giving you $300 in FREE GAMES right now. Not sure when it started but I just noticed it. I thought they were just the free trials, but they are to keep so long as you have PS+.
    Virtual Fighter 5
    inFamous 2
    LittleBigPlanet 2
    Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
    Saints Row 2
    Just Cause 2
    Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine
    Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
    Hard Corps: Uprising
    Chopperlifter HD
    Sideway New York
    Zombie Apocolypse: Never Die Alone

    Looks like I am going to be doing some downloading tonight!!!

      1. yes it is….I suppose i may spend some of my ridiculous Best Buy credit on a PS+ membership….
        Just wish you got to keep the games.

      2. So far I have gotten over 60 free games from my PS+ membership in less than a year. The $50 paid for itself. Also just having the auto updating was worth it

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