Microsoft E3 2012 Press Conference Open Discussion

Let’s go old-school for this year’s E3 2012 press conference coverage. I don’t want to be shut out by poor Internet connections and 9/10 you guys say more interesting things than any game journalist. Whether you’re watching on Spike TV or, I’d love to get your thoughts this year’s Microsoft presser. I’ll be mixing it up with you guys in the comments section during the event (Internet connection permitting) so fire away (please)!

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12 thoughts on “Microsoft E3 2012 Press Conference Open Discussion”

  1. Loved South Park as well and Tomb Raider. Smart glass is going to change the game and I think it poses the biggest threat to the Wii U.

  2. Very impressed by Smartglass. Nintendo's got that tablety looking controller, SONY's got the PSV. Microsoft was like "eff that, use the stuff you already own." I like that. We'll see how it applies to games, but I think it was very smart.

    Also, Tomb Raider looked REALLY good.

  3. 1. Boring presser. I could do without Usher
    2. A new Gears with Baird? Part 3 ended great. New IP please
    3. Smartglass? We'll see if this app makes it as widespread as they say. iOS will be an awkward approval I'm sure and we'll see which Android phones aren't capable due to missing APIs etc
    4. I dislike reboots and Tomb Raider. That game will never get a nice word from me.
    5. No Sunday Ticket? I'll just use my Appletv for nba tv if necessary. Doesn't require a gold sub.

    MSFT did exactly as I thought they would. zzZZzz

  4. Smartglass = Gamecube with GBA and cord? Not too original, but somewhat interesting anyway.

  5. I'm actually surprised a few of you liked SmartGlass. I thought the tech was cool, but most of my friends at the show weren't impressed. I agree with Smartguy's point that the openness will be key. I don't see many people buying Windows 8 tablets. What if that's the only platform SmartGlass for Xbox 360 is good on?

    1. Then it would do about as good as Xbox Music lol. Sounds neat, but I'm not buying Win8. Smartglass only has a chance if it is open and functions well on a large portion of the smart(?)market. This could still fail though. In addition, they are going to need a massive amount of support from 3rd parties. If Tv networks don't put content on it, it will probably fail because I don't see the video game industry sustaining it.

  6. The Amazing Spider-Man movie tie-in game looks sick, but I'm being cautiously optimistic. I could be closer to Spider-Man 2 (movie tie-in) or it could be closer to Edge of Time.

    Gears of War 4 (or whatever they are calling it) gets Baird and Cole (the two most interesting people in that whole universe), but it looks like more of the same… which may not be such a bad thing.

    Halo 4 looks interesting for the story alone, but I'm looking forward to see what new inter-galactic doomsday weapon they've stumbled upon this time. I swear, for a supposed race of "peaceful" old aliens, the Forerunners seemed to have a fetish for weapons of catastrophic, universal destruction… kind of like Professor Farnsworth on Futurama.


  7. Halo, Forza Horizon, and Splinter Cell were the highlights of their conference. It feels like the Peter Moore days are never coming back…..

  8. Bing does its best to beat Google in the search engine market share. They will introduce Microsoft Internet Explorer to Xbox having as default search engine bing. This is good news, since google is messing up results lately.

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