Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference Open Discussion

Nintendo has already revealed two controllers and a long overdue social network (Miiverse) at its pre-press-conference briefing. What does the company have in store for its proper press conference? Let’s find out together! You can watch the Nintendo E3 2012 press conference right here. As the info flows, please let me know what you think. With so much riding on the Wii U, Nintendo has to bust out some homeruns at this year’s show. I can’t wait to see if Nintendo can win over the mostly unenthused enthusiast-gaming press and the hardcore gaming crowd.

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  1. I feel like Nintendo will probably be the highlight of the big three this week. They already announced some things about the Wii U, and they're a whole year ahead of the other two on announcing the new system, which means they essentially have a monopoly on everyone's attention. I hope what they release is interesting, though. For instance, some new Smash Bros info would be nice :D

  2. I'm doubtful that Nintendo can catch lightning in a bottle again with the casual audience, so I think that they need to focus on the hardcore. But I fear they're going to go casual for far too much of the press event based on past performance.

    1. If they can make a modern version of Ogre Tactics 64 with the Wii U, I will be all over it. Imagine if they could make something like that with multiplayer functionality.


  3. Is it fair that Ubisoft just stole it's 3nd show of the week? They showed the best games at both the Microsoft and Nintendo shows, and Watch Dogs looks amazing.

    1. Yeah, but then again, this is Ubisoft we're talking about. They are pretty awesome game-wise. Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon, Rayman, Driver, Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy… The list goes on and on.

      1. They didn't even Show Rainbow 6 or Beyond Good & Evil 2, and I still think they had the best show by far.

        Minus Tobuscus, of course. Seriously.

      2. What, was Tobuscus there? I don't see any new videos on his account. Did I miss something?

      3. Yeah. Ubisoft doesn't know how to host a show, as it' always awkward. Tobuscus & Aisha Tyler was not a good pairing. But they obviously know how to make games.

  4. Could have skipped Fit and Land. They slowed their pace down to much and ate up time that could have been used better. Mass Effect or Assassins could have used more than a clip. All around good conference though. Lots of emphasis on games which is what they need to draw the "core" market back to them.

  5. Very much agree on the pace. The show started out so well with Pikmin and Super Mario Bros. Then it tanked hard. The SiNG demo was bad. The 3DS VP sucked the air out of the room.

    1. I'm curious to know how much of New Super Mario Bros U is actually new, and how much of it is just New Super Mario Bros Wii with some Wii U functionality built into it. If it's the later, I find it very lame and uninspired….much like the rest of the presser.

      Also, Pikmin 3 looked cool, but that's a game you expect to see in the middle of a presser like this. Show should have opened and closed with a Mario, Metroid or Zelda game. The fact that it opened with Pikmin 3 instead of a real console seller was kind of a harbinger of the lameness to follow. Microsoft Opened with Halo 4 and closed with CoD. SONY opened with Beyond and closed with The Last of Us. I look at what Nintendo put out there (and more importantly, what they didn't), and I'm left wondering why I should buy this "Wii U thingy" they're trying to sell me.

  6. I think that the coolest part about the Wii U is that if you say the name of the console repeatedly while running around in a circle, you are now playing firetruck.

    And that, kids… is fun that mom and dad can afford.

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