New Nintendo DSi with Larger Screens on the Way

According to Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Nintendo is readying a new DSi model with larger screens. The company is targeting the new model towards older consumers that have problems reading text on the DS and DSi, as well as people looking for a portable console that’s suited for watching movies and reading digital books. Andriasang reported:

The Tuesday morning edition of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reports that Nintendo will be attempting to spur sales of its DS line of portable systems. Domestically, the company will be releasing a DSi hardware revision within the calendar year. By the end of the fiscal year, it aims to release the current DSi in Korean and Chinese markets.

The new domestic DSi, which goes unnamed in the paper, is the current DSi with a larger screen. The new screen size is over four inches, well above the current model’s 3.25 inch size.

Nintendo DSi

I’m curious to see if the upcoming model will be snatched up as quickly as its predecessors. With the DS and DSi doing way better than I expected, I’m not going to question Nintendo on this. Still, I have to wonder if older consumers are clamoring for a larger screen and if people want to use a handheld gaming system to read books. Perhaps that’s the case in Japan, but in North America and Europe? I’m doubting Nintendo on the need for this model, but the company has made me eat crow too many times in the past so….

I know a lot of you are down on the DS/DSi and handheld gaming in general. Does this rumored model change anything for you? Would any of you pick up a DS with dual four-inch screens?


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7 thoughts on “New Nintendo DSi with Larger Screens on the Way”

  1. I'm still rocking the launch day fatboy DS. Haven't made the plunge to the DSi. Is there anything exclusive on it that is a must have? I have not heard of the killer app yet that will make me jump ship.

  2. i want a DSi, but if i can put off upgrading to that until after this comes out in North America that would be pretty nice. just so i can be back up on the latest model again.

  3. @R-Pad

    Now I'm jealous because that was a nice looking DS. Always wanted one, but the DSi was around the corner and I decided to wait. Now I'm still rocking my launch DS because none of the DSi look good enough to justify an aesthetic upgrade.

  4. @rpad oooh a pokemon limited edition DS would be nice to have!! im slightly jealous (by slightly i mean ridiculously).

  5. I don't have a DS of any sort, but this makes me really consider getting one. I can't help but like screen acreage.

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