Raymond’s Rant on WWE Monday Night Raw 10/16/09

Chris JerichoAfter a mixed PPV in Bragging Rights, WWE Monday Night Raw followed up with a show in Buffalo, NY hosted by two NASCAR studs — Kyle Busch and Joey Logano. These two were, by far, the least interesting guest hosts to me, but I completely understand that NASCAR has a huge following. Anyway, here are some random thoughts on tonight’s Raw.

– Chris Jericho is just amazing. Like Hammer, he’s magic on the mic. I loved how he smiled proudly, holding up the Bragging Rights trophy, and I love how he cleared out when the cards were stacked against Big Show. One of the most impressive things about Jericho’s current run is that he can lose and still remain strong. Tonight was another example of that. He lost, still maintained his spot on the totem poll, and was able to give Kofi Kingston the rub.

– Speaking of Kofi, it’s awesome that he finally dropped the goofy Jamaican accent. His promo on Orton was very good — way better than I thought he was capable of at this stage. It’s funny, I didn’t know that Kofi’s accent was a work until I was eating with him at Summer Slam ’09. He just started speaking in a neutral American accent and it totally froze me.

– I’m digging that Sheamus is on Raw. I thought he was pretty excellent in ECW. He has a good chance at reaching the U.S. Championship/Intercontinental Championship level. Personally, I’d love to see him in a tag team with R-Truth. The contrast in skin tones would be hilarious. They could be called Ebony & Ivory. Plus, they’d already have entrance music thanks to Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.

– Another joke stable I’d love to see is Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, and Chris Masters. This lisping trio would cut some phenomenal promos that would take WWE unintentional comedy to new heights. I’m telling you, it would be brilliant.

– I actually like the idea of a Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels triple threat. It’s one of the more interesting things the WWE could do. It also makes sense. The DX DVD and book are already out, so it’s time for WWE to cool it on that merchandise train. Trips has shown how ruthless he can for championship gold and the HBK marks (like me) would love Shawn to have another championship run.

– As for Cena, I’m so bored with him. I hate to say it because the few times I’ve met him, he’s been super nice and he’s a fantastic ambassador for the WWE. I just think he’s boring in the ring. My dream — that will never happen — would be for Cena to head to ECW for two years. Yeah, I know. Keep dreaming.

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19 thoughts on “Raymond’s Rant on WWE Monday Night Raw 10/16/09”

  1. Cena's the main reason I don't watch Raw. I can't stand that dude.

    I actually prefer Smackdown, I just wish it was live. However, I think the ricks they can do with taping it makes for better TV as well. (shrugs)

  2. @N8R SmackDown has the better wrestling these days — easily. However, Raw is still the "flagship" show. It's also the only one I get live, thanks to the HD feed.

  3. @N8R Yes, it's taped on Tuesdays. Kama Mustafa beats The Godfather and Papa Shango.

    On a related note, @jpkmets and I used to do a version of "Cotton Eyed Joe" that was (you guessed it) "Papa Shango".

  4. How about Farooq in the NoD or in APA??

    I remember him more in APA so I'm gonna have to go with that.

  5. I vote for the Doom #2 (with the mask) as well.

    And contrary to the belief of many… I think pimpin' is kinda easy. It beats digging holes for a living.

  6. Here's one… Mick Foley.

    Cactus Jack v heel Mankind v face Mankind v Dude Love v plain old Mick Foley.

    Face Mankind rings the loudest bell in my memory.

  7. @N8R Was Ron Doom #2? I would have made him #1 over Butch Reed, easily.

    On a side note, when I interviewed Shelton Benjamin at this year's WrestleMania, I said, "Look kids! It's 'The Natural' Butch Reed!!!"

    In a match, I'd have to go with WCW/ECW Cactus Jack. That said, I was way more amused with Dude Love than most people.

    How about this, N8R: Samoan Swat Team Fatu vs. Headshrinker Fatu vs. "Make a Difference" Fatu vs. The Sultan vs. Rikishi

  8. Headshrinker Fatu was great… but I gotta go with big ass Rikishi.

    Now that I think about it though, that match in Japan with Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk was awesome.

    I got 2:

    Islander Haku vs King Haku vs Meng

    & (a rather notable one that's come up before)

    Steiner Brother Scott Steiner vs Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

  9. @N8R I will go with King Haku because of that brilliant story of him choking the hell out of Brutus Beefcake in the shower. Apparently Beefcake complained about a stiff chop to WWF management. Haku wasn't having any of it, so he found Beefcake in the shower and lifted him off the ground in a choke. The rest of the locker room was too afraid to do anything, but ultimately Hogan talked him down.

    As much as I enjoyed young Steiner, the older version had chainmail head garb. That's tough to beat. Plus, even though his ring work get worse and worse as he got larger, his promos became hilariously ridiculous.

  10. I'm with you on Big Bad Booty Daddy. I thought the Islanders were monsters though. According to wikipedia, he also gouged out Jimmy Jack Funk's eye.

    You brought up a good one. Hulk vs Hollywood. I gotta go with Hollywood. I'm a fan of the heels ultimately, I think their job seems like alot more fun. Even though the "Real American" theme could get me pumped out of a deep sleep… he traded up for Hendrix. I got bias when it comes to Jimi.

    It's gotta be hard to go from that well loved to that well hated.

  11. Seamus is a funny looking character in this day and age. It's not as if he's naturally tan to begin with, but among the orange bodies of HHH and Orton, he looks see-through. I think the crowd will get behind him if he can make things look like they really hurt. But I'm not sure about his mic abilities.

    The Thwagger/Cody/Mathters team would rock.

    CEna needs a heel turn. The WWE just has to suck up the short term merchandise loss for the knowledge that it will lead to better ratings. Maybe some "Die cena, die!" chants will work.

    Or they could just bring back the People's Champion!

    I don't see how you can be down on NASCAR — I remember you used to be a Martin Fan, back when Gordon ruled and MArtin was 2nd fiddle. After I bought my Jeff Gordon jacket you said "maybe I should get a mark martin one and follow you around trying to pass you but failing" — or something to that effect.

    I think Kyle Busch is a natural for wrestling,a ctually — he's as close to a heel as pro sports have — not calculated stuff like PBF or MMA — but just a general asshole.

    Logano was a poor choice, he just giggles like a school girl.

    I maintain my Kofi = really old time Sting, complete with rat tail. Awesome athlete, great look, charisma — and still got that "such a perpetual face that he's kind of dorky" vibe. Kofi obviously can do a lot worse than sting as a career model. He'll have 18 months where he will neither have to speak or wrestle and make 2.5 million over that time.

    I like Kofi, though — of all the Power Generation of new stars, he's the most likely to build a fed around. Even if he never ascends to #1 face or heel, he's a solid 2nd fiddle. He's like a 3 hitter on a team with a beast hitting cleanup. He's a good fit for the Cardinals to hit ahead (not behind, tony) pujols if Holliday walks.

  12. N8R & Rpad == Papa Shango was by far >>>>>> than Kama or Godfather or Goodfather.

    Papa Shango may be the best wrestler n history. And if he had not been so honorable, and had used his powers in the ring he would still be WWE champion!

  13. @jpkemets Totally agree with you on Kofi. He's great in the ring, the fans love him, and he's way better on the mic than I expected. Maybe he can be the Tito Santana of this generation and carry the IC strap for a good while?

    I'm not really down on NASCAR as much as the young drivers. Mark Martin is still cool.

  14. Papa Shango used to light people's feet on fire. At least that is my memory of him. Might have been a one time deal though.

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