iPhone and iPhone “Killers” Explained in Religious Terms

iPhone 3GS

In the most brilliant tech analogy I’ve read in 2009, TechCrunch’s MG Siegler explained the deal with iPhone and iPhone “Killers” in religious terms. He wrote:

In a religious sense, the iPhone is a monotheistic religion. Basically, its OS believes in one device. Yes, I know there is the iPod touch, as well as variations of the iPhone (original, 3G, 3GS), but these are essentially all the same device with essentially the same hardware, just boosted specs. Meanwhile, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, etc. are all polytheists. But “pagans,” while perhaps not exactly right, is a cooler term, so let’s go with that. All of these other mobile OSes are pagans. They answer to many devices, their “gods.”

With this analogy in mind, the notion of one of Apple’s competitors coming up with a single device that will destroy the iPhone is stupid. That’s not the battle being waged. It’s not about the Motorola Droid vs. iPhone or the Nokia N900 vs. iPhone. The real battles in those cases are Google vs. iPhone OS and Maemo vs. iPhone OS, respectively. While it’s easier to write about the T-Mobile myTouch taking on the iPhone, that’s not really the point.

And also, MG Siegler should get some kind of medal or a trophy for this analogy.


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8 thoughts on “iPhone and iPhone “Killers” Explained in Religious Terms”

  1. IMO the only reason why the iPhone is the Jesus Phone, (even Jesus has one!), is because of the app store. it's user friendly and easy to get along with. nokia's app store is hard to get along with, but has it's own cool features too.

  2. @rbee – some very good points. Apple is amazing with revolution. if they continue to set the standards for the next generation of mobile devices then I'd like to stick with them personally. The only thing I don't like about the iPhone is ATT. and that shouldn't last much longer.

    I hate it when a friend gives me a standard phone to text or call someone. it feels so archaic navigating old menus and pressing buttons. The iPhone is so user friendly and intuitive.

  3. Ya know, during the Steeler game on Sunday, they were running those Win7 "my idea" ads. Every one of them was something I've been doing on Mac for the past year now.

    I kept wanting to see one with Steve Jobs that said "Windows 7 was my idea (seriously, it pretty much was)".

  4. So… you're saying that if I pour holy water on a Droid phone, will it scream, dissolve, and turn into blood? I mean, if Moses were alive, I'm sure he'd be rockin' a Droid phone. He just seemed like that kind of guy. I also agree with rbee90; Jesus would totally have an iPhone. Mohammed would have the Blackberry and Holy Mother Sheeva would have all the phones with different operating systems because she has six hands and that how she rolls. Budda is the only one I can't figure out.


  5. do you have Preware? its homebrew but there are fantastic things you can get for the phone that Palm has not added yet.

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