Google Voice Lets You Use Voicemail Features with Your Number

Google has updated its Google Voice service to allow you to use your current mobile number with the service’s useful voicemail features. In addition to allowing you to manage your voicemail online, the service also transcribes voice messages. The transcription quality can be off (sometimes leading to unintentional comedy), but I find it to be very useful. I love not having to go through the customary (and archaic) voicemail systems to listen to messages. Anyway, here’s a little video that describes the new feature.

Are any of you using Google Voice? If so, let me know what you like and don’t like about it. If not, go sign up! I highly recommend it.


Author: RPadTV

5 thoughts on “Google Voice Lets You Use Voicemail Features with Your Number”

  1. I got a GV number, and the only time I use it is when someone asks for my phone number at a store. I don't know why, most of the time I give out my (ex) supervisor or the president of the bank's number where I used to work.

    I haven't found a good use for GV yet. It seems clunky at this stage.

  2. @Smartguy It's useful if you have a lot of number you can be reached at, need to screen calls, make international calls, etc.

    @bsukenyan Give it a shot! Definitely, definitely recommended.

  3. i have the google voice. The area code is bogus though. It's like in Oregon. I'm a new yorker dammit. I already feel a sense of shame at not having a 212 number. I'm no 646!

    Anyway, I just got my number so I am goofing around and then I am going to try to ween people onto it.

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