PSA: Vote for Epic Games’ Mike Capps!!!

Mike CappsMy friend, colleague, and hero Mike “Busta” Capps, president of Epic Games, needs your support. He’s in the running for the North Carolina Technology Association’s tech executive of the year. With your help, he can win this prestigious award.

There are several reasons why Capps is the obvious choice. As a gamer, you should be thankful for Epic titles like Unreal and Gears of War, not to mention the hundreds of games powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine. Secondly, Mike is just an excellent person and lots of fun to hang out with. Lastly, he actually tolerates being called “Busta” Capps (just don’t call him Mikey C — Cliff already owns that gimmick).

Voting closes on October 31, so vote for Mike (a lot). Let’s show North Cackalacky that gamers look out for their own!

Author: RPadTV

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