Raymond’s Random Rants

– I received the Wrestlemania 24and Wrestlemania 25 Blu-ray discs. Between videogames and the World Series, I won’t have time to watch the entire cards, but I sure as hell am going to watch the Shawn Michaels matches from each event. HBK/Flair was a brilliant, emotional match that excelled in the storytelling department. HBK/Undertaker was one of the best matches I’ve seen in the last decade.

WrestleMania 24

– Speaking of HBK, what a remarkable career he’s had — especially the second half. I never bought into the “boyhood dream” and I only started really enjoying his matches just before his first hiatus. Since his comeback from back surgery, it’s crazy how good he has been. While he can’t do some of things he used to in his younger days, his storytelling and psychology are the best they’ve ever been. Plus, nobody sells moves as good as Shawn does these days.

– I’m still wondering why the hell R-Truth is on the cover of the WrestleMania 25 box. What’s up?

Motorola Droid BGR

– I’m disappointed in the Motorola Droid. It’s almost the phone I want, but falls short in one key area: the keyboard. By most accounts, the Droid is twice as fast as any other Android phone on the market. The screen is brilliant. It’s currently the only phone rocking Android 2.0. But the keyboard falls short. *sigh* I guess I’ll be sticking with my BlackBerry 8900 and iPhone 3GS combo for a while longer.

– If you haven’t voted for Mike Capps for North Carolina tech executive of the year, please do. He’s a great guy that’s president of one of the best companies in gaming. Halloween is the last day to vote, so show North Carolina that gamers rule!

– Pedro Martinez was excellent for six innings in game two of the World Series. I’ve really enjoyed watching him pitch since his velocity has gone down. He’s so smart and crafty. It’s rare to see a fireballer transition into a cerebral pitcher, but Pedro has done it. Plus, I’m pretty sure he uses Soul Glo from Coming to America.

Pedro Martinez

– It looks like “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas is returning to the ring against Hector Camacho, Jr. I hope he doesn’t get hurt. The dude sounds punchy in interviews and he has weighed as much as 250 lbs. This is not good for a fighter that used to campaign at 154. If you’ve watched Vargas fight then you know that he has more heart than brains. This could end poorly….

– Happy Halloween!!!

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17 thoughts on “Raymond’s Random Rants”

  1. My random rant: I have been playing Uncharted 2 and I think it is the best single player experience I have had since MGS2. MGS2 was just plain fun and had plenty of innovation in it the same way UC2 does. I don't know if I can crown UC2 the best singleplayer experience ever, but it is definitely the best this generation.

  2. is that how you hurt your knee?

    trying to do a superkick on an old dude in blue underwear?

  3. The Pirates do have one record the Yankees will never acquire…

    17 straight losing seasons (sigh)

    Go Bucs.

  4. @Thundercracker Nah, just randomly tore some cartilage.

    When I was young and didn't know any better, I thought Jannetty was the better Midnight Rocker. That was a pretty bad call.

    @N8R Yeah, but they were the quintessential '70s team. Pops was awesome, the team afros were powerful, and the flat-top caps ruled.

  5. @ R Pad

    Trust me, we've been touting Pops, Clemente, and Mazeroski's homer for way too long now.

    I remember three-peating the NL East in the early '90's and then getting shut down by the Braves in the playoffs all 3 years. Then again, in those days we had this skinny guy named Barry Bonds (if that name rings a bell) and a Cy Young winner named Doug Drabek. I also hate the fact that we're no longer in the same division as the Mets.

    But the flat-top hats were awesome (sigh).

  6. @ RPad

    By the way, the next time I'm talking to my family I'm gonna tell them about how I was talking about the Pirates crappiness when someone tried to cheer me up by saying "Yeah, but those flat-top hats in the '70's ruled!"

  7. Goooo Yankees (not really a fan, but they've knocked out the Dodgers 2 years straight so I want blooooooood!)

  8. Ahhh, the Rockers. I still remember Shawn kicking Marty through that glass window of the barber shop.

  9. My rant: Why is everyone still excited over Hogan going to TNA? I don't want to see him beat everybody with 3 punches and a clothesline.

  10. @RRODisHere People still want to watch him "Hulk up" for some reason. I'm definitely not excited, but I'm certainly curious to see what he does for their ratings, buy rates, and live gates.

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