Nintendo of Japan Announces DSi LL With 4.2-inch Screens

Remember that rumored revamp of the Nintendo DSi I mentioned on Tuesday? The one with the larger screens, aimed towards old people? In the immortal words of Kurt Angle, “It’s true. It’s damn true.” Nintendo of Japan has announced the DSi LL, an update of its hugely popular DSi, coming on November 21. The big features this time around are dual 4.2-inch screens and a large, pen-like stylus.

The DSi LL will be available in natural white, wine red, and poo dark brown colors. I’m guessing the more “mature” colors combined with the easier-on-the-eyes screens and a stylus that’s so large that you can’t drop it make this a winning combination for old people. I kid, I kid. I love old people!


Seriously though, I was on the fence about the DSi because I wanted more of an upgrade from the DS Lite. The DSi LL is totally it. Hopefully it will be coming to America some time in early 2010.

What do you think od the DSi LL? Are you going to pick one up? What do you think LL stands for?

Author: RPadTV

9 thoughts on “Nintendo of Japan Announces DSi LL With 4.2-inch Screens”

  1. I think it's a little late for the housewife crowd here in the US….but if it comes out here I might buy my mom one for a gift.

  2. I might being going out on a limb here, But why wouldn't they just make a black one? I would assume that black is the most sold color.

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