Coffee Talk #222: Cliffy B…the Movie?!?

Lots of my friends are going nuts over The Social Network — you know, that movie about Facebook and its brilliant-but-devious co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. It’s kind of nuts that a relatively new and geeky phenomenon spawned a movie that brought together Aaron Sorkin, David Fincher, and Justin Timberlake. It’s also very cool. The next logical step, of course, is a movie about a videogame company. In the year 2015 I want to see:

Coffee Talk #220: Classic Gaming Conventions That Don’t Fly in 2010

As some of you know, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light to review for another site. I’m mostly enjoying the game. It’s an old-school RPG with a job system — I love both of those things. Having said that, there are several aspects of the game that are acceptable to me as a longtime RPG player, but would probably irk the hell out of newer gamers.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Gamescom 2010 Trailer

A four-player cooperative Ratchet & Clank game from the awesome people at Insomniac?!? In the immortal words of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, “Oh hell yeah!!!”┬áHere’s the scoop from Insomniac studio director Chad Dezern: We knew from our earliest meetings that we wanted to give players a chance to play in the Ratchet Universe with Ratchet … Continue reading “Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Gamescom 2010 Trailer”

Appholes: Jon Stewart Weighs in on Apple vs. Gawker/Gizmodo

Jon Stewart addressed the iPhone HD (4G) controversy on The Daily Show in a clip dubbed “Appholes”. He did a good job summarizing all the events that have transpired and pointing how ridiculous the situation has become. He pointed out how Apple used to be the rebellious company that aimed to overthrow big brother and … Continue reading “Appholes: Jon Stewart Weighs in on Apple vs. Gawker/Gizmodo”

Coffee Talk #121: Sazh and Me

I’m totally fascinated by Sazh from Final Fantasy XIII. He’s one of the most interesting videogame characters I’ve encountered in years. He’s different and real and way cooler than I was expecting him to be. Before I get to why I dig Sazh, let’s take a look at how my thoughts on the character have changed.

Binary Preview of Dragon Age: Origins Awakening

I stopped by BioWare’s suite at GDC 2010 to check out Dragon Age: Origins Awakening. Most of you know that Dragon Age was my favorite game of 2009 and I played through that sucker four times. As much as I love the Final Fantasy and Pokemon series, those games will have to take a backseat … Continue reading “Binary Preview of Dragon Age: Origins Awakening”

This Week’s Videogame Releases

Final Fantasy XIII is obviously the big deal this week, but there are actually quite a few interesting games that you should keep your eye on. Also coming out for PlayStation and Xbox 360 is Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. The PS3 returns to the Japanese underworld in Yakuza 3. On the other end of … Continue reading “This Week’s Videogame Releases”

Analyzing the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV

Yesterday I was still recovering from DICE and having visitors over the weekend, which made me completely forget about the WWE Elimination Chamer pay-per-view. Thankfully, N8R reminded me about it.┬áLet’s take a look at the booking and talk about it. WWE Championship — John Cena Wins: I hate saying this because John Cena is a … Continue reading “Analyzing the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV”