This Week’s Videogame Releases

Final Fantasy XIII is obviously the big deal this week, but there are actually quite a few interesting games that you should keep your eye on. Also coming out for PlayStation and Xbox 360 is Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. The PS3 returns to the Japanese underworld in Yakuza 3. On the other end of the spectrum is the lighthearted Sam & Max 2: Beyond Time and Space for Wii.

The handheld systems have some cool things going on too. The DS has Foto Showdown (the game with these awesome promo videos) and Spectral Force Genesis. The PSP has BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.

As always, let your fellow RPadholics and me know if you’re picking up any new games this week!

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37 thoughts on “This Week’s Videogame Releases”

  1. I have to wait an extra week before I get final fantasy 13 since my family and I are going on vacation. I can't wait to play it. It looks like its going to be a great game.

  2. @smartguy/sandrock

    Do you guys have Bad company 2 for the ps3. i'm really thinking about picking this game up this week?

  3. @smartguy

    really? I don't like that controller, maybe it's because I never had the first xbox. I feel more comfortable with the PS controllers more.

  4. @tokz: 360 controller is much better than the original XBOX. The PS3 controller feels too light to me, like I'm one game minor glitch away from snapping it in half in a fit of rage.

  5. @tokz_21

    I'm with Smartguy on this one.


    I love the M416. A friend of mine like to snipe so I play ammo crate and spotter. Doesn't work to well in hardcore though.

  6. @Nightshade

    I miss the old Xbox controllers. I went out and bought 3 more when I heard they were going to be replaced with the, now standard, S-Type. My hands fit comfortably on the original controller.

  7. @tokz

    it has to do with stick placement and the fact the tops are convex as opposed to concave. In MAG I have to bullet lasso people.


    Man, Type S controller was great for me. I always thought the duke was a bit too big…but if it were wireless perhaps I would have appreciated it more.


    I use the AKS-74U with my engineer. I'm surgical with it. I love vehicles though. I think they hotfixed the ability to repair the blackhawk and hum-vee while inside of them. Bit disappointing.

  8. I'm still on the fence about getting Bad Company 2. I liked the multi player demo but I wasn't too impressed with it.

  9. @Smartguy

    I have fairly large hands and it just always fit. When the 360 came out my hands cramped when using it the controller. Like when I got another PSP a few week ago and my hands have been actually sore from playing on my PSP.


    I bought BFBC 2 for the SP. I like the multiplayer of the first (haven't played MP on 2 yet). But I prefer the SP campaigns in Bad Company.

  10. @smartguy

    i heard you mention that before and i really dont mind that it's convex instead of concave and the stick placement is better for me than on the xbox controllers but to each their own.


    I think i'll rent it on the 360 and ps3 to see which one i feel more comfortable with.

  11. @Sandrock

    MW2 is definitely noob friendly but what I love about it the most is the polish. Bad Company 2 has that weighted control feel like Killzone 2 which I don't like in multi player. In multi player I need my controls to be precise and quick.

  12. I’m gonna stick to Bad Company 2 this week. Engineer ftw!

    Will read story of FF13.

    Actually I won’t have very much free time until April 1st. All projects due by then.

  13. I am not a FF guy. The cut-scenes keep me from playing it. (same with MGS4 & MassEffect 2)

  14. Played BadCompany2 most of the weekend and a bit of Heavy Rain (until it froze when I asked if Shaun needed help with homework and while saying that he said I’m all done and I guess it stopped the world)

  15. @R-Pad

    Unfortunately, I might not be getting Silver next week. I kind of want to wait and get it on the 23rd. (Plus, Amazon is out of the ones with the figurines. T-T)

    1. @Sandrock323 Yeah, my March is SO screwed! GDC + big freelance project + FFXIII + Pokemon + Dragon Age: Awakenings = Too much coffee + too little sleep + wiped out by tax day

  16. @nightshade
    The one that comes bundled with the old fat ps3’s may be light but i don’t play with that one.
    i’ll have to try it out on the 360 then. All of my shooters, except halo and left 4 dead, are on the ps3. I can’t play halo to save my life against my friends but when i play CoD on my ps3 against my friends, i’m top dog.

  17. @R-Pad

    I don't play Pokémon at home, so I at least don't have to worry about that holding me up. Unless my mind regress back to when I first played Silver, then I'm screwed big time.

  18. The God of War III reviews are all glowingly great. They ever say the graphics are even better than Uncharted 2. Can't wait to play it.

  19. @Smartguy
    Nothing more fun than getting in a helicopter and raining down lead on people. I just can’t stand how people can fly them sideways.

    The demo didn’t have half of the good stuff. One of the levels starts off with four M1A1s going at it with two T-90s and two TOW launchers. (Plus what ever launchers and mines your teams’ engineers have.) Most of that noob crap in MW2 doesn’t work in Bad Co 2, which to me is a huge plus. The only thing that does work is camping and even then it comes down to who works better as a team.

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