Foto Showdown Videos Set Bar for Unintentional DSi Comedy

Check out these two videos of Konami’s Foto Showdown for Nintendo DSi. The tech is pretty fun — the game lets you snap photos and transform them into characters in the game. More importantly, these videos are unintentionally hilarious. I love the sister in the vids. She should get an Oscar or an Emmy for her outstanding performance, particularly in the second clip.

I don’t understand the bully character though. He has the good sense to nail the little brother in the head with a ball, but doesn’t beat him up and steal his DSi. What kind of half-assed bullying is that?!?

Also, am I the only one that’s scared of someone snapping a picture of his schlong to use as an in-game character?

Author: RPadTV

8 thoughts on “Foto Showdown Videos Set Bar for Unintentional DSi Comedy”

  1. Can't wait until I see that girl on GHM one day in the future. I'm thinking "landing strip".


  2. @N8R

    I have another gem of a movie for you to check out: "Runaway"

    Premise: Tom Selleck is in charge of a special police unit that deals with robots that go out of control. His nemesis is Gene Simmons.

    Why is it funny? Because the robots are about the size of overhead projectors and have one mechanical arm. It's hilarious that people are scared of that crap in the movie. Just watch it.

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