Coffee Talk #71: Your Favorite Videogame Heroines

Welcome to Coffee Talk! Let’s start off the day by discussing whatever is on your (nerd chic) mind. Every morning I’ll kick off a discussion and I’m counting on you to participate in it. If you’re not feelin’ my topic, feel free to start a chat with your fellow readers and see where it takes you. Whether you’re talking about videogames, the Supreme Court’s alarming decision on campaign contributions by corporations, what the Apple tablet means for gaming, or Brees vs. Favre, Coffee Talk is the place to do it.

For decades, videogames have been largely enjoyed by males. While I’m thankful that more and more ladies have been enjoying games, there’s no denying that games have been a “guy thing” for a long time. Despite that — or maybe because of that? — the business has had its fair share of outstanding heroines. From Ms. Pac-Man to Samus Aran to Lara Croft, gaming is full of women that kick ass.

My favorite gaming heroine is Yuna from Final Fantasy Fantasy X. I found her to be more thoughtful and realistic than most videogame characters. Her stilted and unsure speech was absolutely charming and unique. She’s not the typical blow-you-up-with-guns character, but if you crossed her path she’d wipe you out with a summon. I loved how she gained confidence throughout the game’s tale and blossomed into a wonderful hero. Of course it helped that she starred in an excellent game (let’s ignore FFX-2 for a moment).

Today I wanted to see who your favorite videogame heroine was. Do you prefer gun-toting ladies like Joanna Dark? Or maybe the emotional powers of Princess Peach? Leave a comment and let me know (please)!

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  1. First things first : Brees by far. Brett Favre is my favorite player of all time though, but for now and the past couple of years, especially this one!, Brees.

    I can't think of a heroine. If I had to choose, then I choose Jessica Rabbit.

  2. (Not a) Legion Review –

    Good Lord. Or rather bad lord. Maybe just confused lord. I saw a sneak peek of Legion last night, and if I were you R-padaholics (ha!) there are better things to spend your hard earned cash on.

    The Good – Paul Bettany. Given a ham-fisted script, some lousy direction, and a costumer who dressed him in the dark, he still managed to carry the film on his back, up hill in the snow both ways. I have been a huge fan of his sense he played Chaucer in a Knight's Tale, and he didn't disappoint. If you ever wanted to have one angel on your side who kicked at least a modicrum of badly directed ass, he would be my first choice.

    The Bad – Nearly everything and everyone else. The script and story were extremely poor, which is inexcusable given the premise they started with. God gets pissed at humanity, and simply orders his angels to bring them hell. Micheal (Paul B-to the-ettany) decides he, being naturally the one super rebellious angel (outside of Satan/Lucifer who surprisingly does not make an appearance, neither does the titular demon on whom the film was named) goes against his father's (our father's) wishes. Dennis Quaid called this one in, and whoever keeps casting the Paul Walkers/Lucas Blacks (the white guys in Fast and Furious parts 1-12) of the world in parts that require talent needs to be shot like the lunatic granny in the trailers for this film… speaking of which…

    The Ugly – The effects ranged between creepy and bad. If you do see this (which you should when it comes out to video only because of two scenes in particular which I will not spoil… much) the crazy granny scene and the murderous child psycho demon stabby scene are awesome. Everything else is generic as generic gets.

    Overall, they flubbed a great premise. Thankfully, it was free. 2 Micheal Dudicoff stares out of 5.

  3. @Larcenous

    The trailers left a lot to be desired for that movie. I planned on putting it low in the Netflix queue when the time came.

    Great review system there, i give the system 5 Dudikoff stares, out of 5.

  4. @Larcenous

    This is the new America. We grade effort, not accuracy. LOL

    wow, when you think about it….it's true and horrible all at the same time.

  5. @Ray

    It's a catch 22 really. We treat corporations as individual entities so much so that almost half of the IRS tax code is for them. The argument can easily be made that perhaps the shareholders do not like the endorsement or contribution the corp has made. Well, those shareholders elected the board who has made the decision. It's a mess.

    That said, Unions pledge support and "donate" funds quite often. So much so that special concessions are made for unions with major bills. Example the latest concession in the ongoing healthcare bill in the house. Union cadillac insurance plans wouldn't be subject to the higher taxes that non union plans would be. Unions were never restricted on the money or services they provide. I guess what is good for one is good for all in this situation.

    Personally since a Corporation cannot cast a ballot for a candidate I believe the restrictions on campaign contributions should have been held firm. I think this opens the way for campaigns to become even more commercial than they have already become. I also think that Unions should not be able to publically endorse and sway its members to vote one way.

  6. @Smartguy I share most of your opinions on the matter. What worries me is that corporations can use a lot of foreign money to influence elections and legislation. Barney Frank was ranting about it yesterday, but I couldn't pay attention for more than three minutes without thinking, "Come on! Say, 'Suffering succotash!'"

  7. I'll go with Samus. Bustin laz0rz on alien pirates and being able to contort into a tiny bomb dropping ball. Yeah. My husband and I got excited about seeing Samus' spaceship as a toy model on the recent Game Informer. I guess I know what's gonna be near our tv soon lol.

  8. Favorite video game heroine…. that stuff coursing through Kurt Cobain's veins in Guitar Hero 5 doesn't count. right?

    I'm partial to Samus, but that's because I'm old school.

  9. She is an NPC, but I always liked Cortana from the halo series. Even though she was a compter AI, she developed personality and had character.

  10. i always thought bloodrayne had crazy potential if done right

    call me crazy, but i really enjoyed the first 2 games

  11. @totally unrelated

    everyone try to catch conans last show tonight

    it may be the last time the tonight show will EVER be truly funny

  12. Great "(Not a) Review", Larcenous. I was on the fence about the movie, but now I will stay away.


  13. yeah i know

    although to be honest i dont remember the second bloodrayne

    but i do remember liking the first one….


    that was a truly great final show, i wish i could have watched it more, but i work nights :(

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