Coffee Talk #222: Cliffy B…the Movie?!?

Lots of my friends are going nuts over The Social Network — you know, that movie about Facebook and its brilliant-but-devious co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. It’s kind of nuts that a relatively new and geeky phenomenon spawned a movie that brought together Aaron Sorkin, David Fincher, and Justin Timberlake. It’s also very cool. The next logical step, of course, is a movie about a videogame company. In the year 2015 I want to see:

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Lots of my friends are going nuts over The Social Network — you know, that movie about Facebook and its brilliant-but-devious co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. It’s kind of nuts that a relatively new and geeky phenomenon spawned a movie that brought together Aaron Sorkin, David Fincher, and Justin Timberlake. It’s also very cool. The next logical step, of course, is a movie about a videogame company. In the year 2015 I want to see:

Watching the Gears Go Round: The Cliff Bleszinski Story

I love Cliff. I think he’s a fun and fascinating man that would be a great subject for a motion picture. I also have lots of old (and possibly naughty) stories to sell the movie’s scriptwriters, which might be the only way I’ll ever make money in Los Angeles.

Seriously though, now that a Facebook movie is out, I want a frickin’ videogame-company movie! Today’s game is a two-parter. What publisher or developer would you want to see on the big screen? How about a specific game designer or publishing executive? Oh hell, let’s make this a three-parter! I’ll send out a special prize to the person that makes the most creative movie title starring Bobby Kotick!!!

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  1. "#ucking the kids" the Bobby Kotick story. I'm thinking John Malkovich here.

    Aside from an Atari or Nintendo movie I don't know what could be done and be interesting at the same time. I've seen documentaries on those 2 and they were pretty good. Don't know if they need feature length films.

  2. @Smartguy

    What documentaries have you watched on those companies?


    Maybe…but it would have to be done in the Lifetime-make-everything-way-over-dramatic-sort-of-way.

    @Frankie Muniz vs Shia LeBouf

    Frankie Muniz by default. Not because I really like him, but I hate Shia LeBouf anymore. He was good on his old kids show, but I can't stand him now. Frankie Muniz is ok, but he never really stood out to me.


    I think the easiest and biggest story to tell would be id Softrware and the creation of Wolfenstein/Doom. I know the movie would make it all about Doom, even though Wolfenstein was first. Too many people get that wrong and it bugs me, but I think that would be a good and relevant story to the video game industry.

    @Bobby Kotick

    I'm gonna have to come back to this one later…

  3. @RROD

    I'm gonna side with my team as the better. Though hard to keep the argument going. If SF hadn't deflected that kick we would have lost. Had they not fumbled after that damn pick ATL would have lost.

    Regardless, ATL and NO top of the NFC. The hell with Green Bay. Mike McCarthy will sink that ship soon enough.

  4. I had the worse weekend everybody, I had to make a trip to the emergency room on friday night because I tried to stop my two friends from fighting and now I have a huge cut on my face. Then yesterday some aholes break into my dad's house during the Texans game and he is in Italy right now. They ended up dropping everything but his two guns and they took his two laptops and my 94-95 back to back championship banner for the rockets. So everyone make sure you don't tell anybody when you are leaving for a couple days.

  5. @smartguy the worse part was I was two doors down when the break in happened, I live in the same apartments as my dad

  6. @Red

    A friend of mine had his door kicked in a little over a month ago. It happened on a friday and he didn't make it back home til Monday evening. There was some wildlife in his house in addition to his things missing. They stole a biometric safe that he had his pistol in lol. I bet they played hell getting that open.

    His neighbors also had their front door kicked in while they were at home. Thieves can be quite brazen.

  7. @redtailman

    Sorry to hear that man. That's horrible. I hope that cut on your face wasn't too deep.

  8. I've came home to a ransacked house before. That's one of the worst feelings in the world. I was a kid then, they stole my PS1 and N64. That hurt like hell.

  9. We got robbed when we were kids, they stole our Jaguar, 32x, Sega Saturn and a shit load of VHS and cassette tapes and CDs. Long story short it sucks to have your stuff stolen.

  10. @ SG

    YES MAN VHS!!! We had just got ID4 with the kick ass cover that blew up the White House when the box was rotated, GONE.

  11. @redtailman

    that sucks.

    My gf's car got broken into this week and they stole her city sticker. If you are wondering what that is it's some lame sticker the city of Chicago requires for you to park in the city of Chicago. She bought one for this year but because she had no proof she had to re-purchase it and pay the late fee.

  12. thanks for the support guys, I can only hope others learn from this incident, and I am not looking forward to picking up my Dad on friday

  13. @smartguy Malkovich would be frickin' brilliant as Kotick! Love it!!!

    I already told Dr. Ray about his movie the traces his career path from doctor to game developer to World Series of Poker champion.

    @redtailman Sorry to hear about that man. A friend of mine always chides me for using Foursquare, saying, "This lets people know the perfect time to rob you."

  14. @ redtailman

    That sucks dude. My commiserations.

    @ Smartguy

    Actually… cracking a safe isn't that difficult if you have the time and the tools to fuck with it (please don't ask me how I know).

    But a good drill and a sawzall has been known to do the trick.

  15. @N8R

    True but what a pain in the ass to haul a 300lb safe then spend a lot of time cracking it open for some paperwork and a $400 gun though haha. More than likely it was a bunch of meth addicts since they seem to be the reason for the huge spike in burglaries in that area. I can just picture them taking turns with a sledge or dropping it from an over pass lol.

    It took us close to half an hour to get my grandfather's safe open after Katrina. He never committed the combo to memory and his written down combo got wet. 3 drill bits and a big drill press.

  16. @ Smartguy

    Yeah, hauling it would be the biggest pain in the ass.

    That's crazy about your grandpa's safe. I suppose a plasma cutter would work as well, but you'd risk burning whatever paper (or money) is inside. Maybe if you drilled a hole and filled the safe with water first.

  17. @Redtailman

    Sorry to hear about all that happening. Hopefully next weekend goes much smoother for you!


    You know I have never thought about foursquare like that, but that is very true.

  18. If anyone here takes any supplements to work out I need to recommend one. Jack3d. Holy crap that is a ton of energy real quick. I do cardio at the house now because I can't stand doing it at the gym so on Mondays I like to bike about 24 miles ( length of the causeway is why i chose that number). Usually around mile 18 or so I'm wishing time would speed up. Not so with jack3d.

    I can't wait to try it next time before I go lift.

  19. @Redtailman;

    Sorry to hear about your weekend. I thought I was having a bad day until I read what you posted.

    @Big Blak;

    Looks like I'm watching the game from home. I had a pretty high fever last night and I had to stay home from work today. My wife and parents (whom I always go to the Dolphins game with) won't let me go to the game even though I'm feeling better.


    Love that title for the movie.


    "Serious Gamers; The rise of EA and Activision" or "Bending Over Without The Use of Lubrication; The Bobbie Kocklick Story" starring Danny DeVito as Bobby Kocklick. This movie will be made as a whole and then be cut up into four parts, each part to be shown at theaters sporadically throughout the year. Each part will cost $10.00 (plus tax) to see.


  20. everyone great news, it looks like the cops have a discription of the guy and a license plate number, hopefully the cops will do their job for once

  21. i suspect that eventually a film will be made detailing the socioeconomic impact of joe montana:sportstalk football

  22. @Redtailman

    That is great news! Hope it all works out in the end.


    I have noticed this before, but never asked, but sometimes a post will say that (like in this case) there are 30 comments, but Thundercracker's is the last one and is labeled #29 (mine will make it 31 comments and be labeled #30). I'm just curious why it does that??

    @Big Blak or anyone else in FF

    I know a couple of us mentioned the scoring thing last week, but I just checked the box score for my match up this week and it changed from how it was earlier today! I just don't get what is changing the scoring like that when there is nothing being played??! Now my last remaining player has to score 169 for me to win instead of the 144 I needed earlier today.

  23. @BSU

    The scores change with the official stats from the NFL and ESPN makes it official at 3am every Tuesday or Wednesday, I forget which day it is.

  24. @ Iceman

    That sucks man but at least you can change the channel since your going to be home and all.

  25. @Ray

    No I did not. I didn't feel the need to incur the expense of having 2 types of drives on the machine. The SSD was too small for a primary drive. I know it is much faster that way, but my machine has yet to leave me waiting for it. I did the standard i7 mock up but with the ATI GPU.

    I added more RAM after market.

    1. @smartguy I'm still torn between the imac 27 and macbook 15.4. Probably skipping SSD on either. Leaning towards the imac since I probably won't edit much on the road…i think.

  26. @Ray

    I'd rather the iMac since the screen is friggin huge and beautiful. I prefer a smaller more portable machine. You could always just use a mobileme account or dropbox and use logmein to work on your iMac while away. I do this with my iPad and MacBook.

  27. F&%# Chad Henne. Why can't bad things happen to bad quarterbacks… like a broken leg or a 16-game suspension?


  28. I just played the Enslaved demo. I think it is pretty neat. It's what I was hoping Bionic Commando would be. I'll pick it up once it goes on sale for $40.


    Henne sucks. Sorry.

  29. lousy dolphins cost me my first loss in my other fantasy league! i had a 25 point lead but the Patriots D gave him 27 points!

  30. @rpad

    blast you Rpad. you know how much i hate them. I will start my own evil league to take you and your Super Buddies down!

  31. I went to a new doctor today and made the idiotic mistake of forgetting his first name. Do you have any idea how many Dr. Parks there are in Koreatown? Geez.

  32. great news guys, somebody found the stuff that was stolen dumped 1/2 mile from my house and called the cops, I got my dad's stuff back, likely preventing his second heart attack

  33. @Mr. Padilla;

    LOL! I love stereotypical jokes! Especially real ones.


    Awesome. Now go play the lottery to see just how far your lucky streak goes.


  34. @tokz_21 Not yet. I went to Best Buy last weekend to buy it with a gift card I have, but they were out of stock. I was going to order it during the week, but I've been shopping for site gear instead. You have the digital copy? I wanted to have it reviewed already.

  35. @rpad

    Yes i do. I can upload it to my dropbox but it wouldnt happen until after work, maybe 4p your time. Let me know if youre ok with that

  36. @rpad

    it doesn't look like i'm going to have that up for you by 4pm. I just learned that one of my friends brother's died. the wake is today so i'm going to stop off there on my way back home.

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