The Social Network: Unintentional Comedy or Genuinely Interesting?

The trailer for The Social Network — a dramatization of the origins of Facebook starring Justin Timberlake and directed by David Fincher — is partially cool, but mostly unintentionally funny. At least that’s what I think. I’d love to hear your opinion on the trailer. Is it interesting? Or is it a sign of a monumental flop to come?

Author: RPadTV

12 thoughts on “The Social Network: Unintentional Comedy or Genuinely Interesting?”

  1. I feel like this is fake…it just seems so stupid I don't want to believe that this is real. I watched the trailer, and I feel worse off for it. I like facebook well enough, but we do not need a movie about its creation.

  2. @Ray

    I like both of them as well, but I really could care less about a movie based on the creation of facebook. Isn't there anything else more worthy of their time and energy than a movie about the internet?? I'm not doubting their ability to make it an interesting story, but I think the topic and plot in general are pretty weak and uninteresting.

  3. @ Bsukenyan;

    See the movie "Hackers" and "The Net".

    @ Mr. Padilla;

    Hey! I liked those "Earnest goes to _____" movies when I was a kid. They made younger me laugh. The first Ace Ventura was funny-stupid, but the second one was simply stupid and all levels of horrible.


  4. @Ray

    I would probably rather watch an Ace Ventura movie over The Social Network. But in all honesty I never really liked those movies too much. That whole style of comedic movie just isn't my thing, although the Ace Ventura movies are probably on the upper tier of ones that I would watch as far as that style goes. If I watch movies that are about real events, they are documentaries. That is how I enjoy watching film about true events, in a factual manner. Otherwise it is fiction for me, with the only exception being the Matrix series because that one is of course a movie made by Mr. Smith about what is currently happening to us simply to mock us. haha.


    I will have to look a little more in to those movies, but out of the two it seems so far like I would like Hackers more than The Net.

  5. @Bsukenyan;

    I typed my previous post with sarcasm. Do not watch either of those two movies lest you enjoy bleeding from your eyes.

    Hackers is the more tolerable one of the two, but that is nor saying much. It's a cheesy, campy example of a typical 80's movie on a subject matter that the creators knew absolutely nothing about.


  6. @Iceman

    Yeah Sandra Bullock isn't really my vision of an ideal actress for a tech savvy person. The imdb plots for both of those movies made me a little leary. Out of any sort of tech movie I have to stick with War Games, one of my all time favorites.

  7. @ Devil's Advocate

    I think it looks interesting. I too am a fan of both David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin. I don't think those guys would put their name on something they didn't think was interesting. Therefore, maybe the creation of Facebook is far more interesting then we know it to be.

    When I was a kid, people I really didn't like were really in to Rage Against The Machine before I found out who they were. I went around saying Rage sucks because of the people I knew that liked them. Years later when I grew the f**k up, I realized the error of my ways. If you missed the hyperbole in this story, I apologize.

    @ The Net

    Totally sucked when it came out. Now… it's an unintentional comedy. The big ass brick laptops they got that run dial-up while they're talking about how amazing their technology is… is hilarious.

    @ Hackers

    All I can say is that a young Angelina Jolie takes her top off at one point. If that interests you, than that's all I can say about it except for the same comedic reasons I described about The Net.

  8. @N8R

    Fair enough about The Social Network, that's a good point that they wouldn't put their name on it unless they thought it was interesting enough or good enough. I know that there has been a lot of drama surrounding facebook, I just don't think it is an interesting enough story that it needs a dramatic film to tell it. I would gladly watch a documentary about everything though.


    I knew there was a reason I said this one looked a little better than The Net, Angelina Jolie would probably be the high point of the movie.

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