Check Out (Please!)

My excellent friend Paul Semel has started a blog named It’s full of wonderful articles about wonderfully nerdy things — comics, movies, music, toys, videogames, and more. He’s new to the whole blogging thing and I’d appreciate it immensely if you paid his site a visit. If you have extra time, please leave a comment on one of his stories. Naturally, you can tag that comment with “Sent by RPad.TV!”

Paul’s current stories include Monsters UniversityBatman: Arkham UnhingedJohn Coltrane’s Sun Ship: The Complete Sessions, and The Smashing Pumpkins’: The Aeroplane Flies High Deluxe Edition.

Fun fact: Paul used to be an editor at a magazine named Gene Simmons’ Tongue.

Edit: He’s the guy I mentioned in Pacific Rim. You should absolutely make fun of him for not liking the movie.

Housekeeping: Comment System Change?

Hello guys and dolls! I’m strongly considering dropping Disqus and going back to WordPress comments. Since the site switched to Disqus, the service has gotten slower and slower. On the other side, WordPress comments have improved. In addition to being able to log in with your old-school RPad.TV account, WordPress comments now allow Facebook and Twitter logins. Naturally, before making a big change like that, I want to get your input. Please, please, please let me know how you feel about changing back. Thanks!

RPad.TV 2013 Coffee Mug!

Someone in the vaping community asked for a coffee mug with my face on it. (No, really.) I listen to the people, like my role model, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. If the most electrifying man in all of entertainment listens to the people then the most electrifying man in verbal entertainment should too. Anyway, the RPad.TV 2013 coffee mug has my face on one side and the site logo on the other, both images excellently crafted by RPadholic N8R! Own a piece of history and order yours today. (Imagine me saying that last sentence in a Steven Wright voice.)

E3 2013 Day One Random Photos

Here are some photos from day one of E3 2013. As I mentioned before, it was my light day. The photos of Zoe and me are the only ones from the show floor. My friend Debby from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences started a Hooters lunch tradition last year and happily continued it this year. The rest of the pics are from Michael Pachter’s outstanding Intel/Wedbush party. It was nice having quiet time with my old buddy Cliff Bleszinski and his better half, Lauren. I thought I was taking a photo with Eugene Levy, but it turned out to be Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon. (Just kidding Ed!)

Anyway, check out the photos and let me know what E3 2013 games you’ve been buzzing about.

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I Haz Internetz!!!

After a 12-day wait to verify that the last person that lived in this apartment has moved to Korea and is unavailable to cancel his/her AT&T service, I finally have a real Internet connection! I feel like a real person again. Since my new place gets poor LTE signal, I’m unable to use my Verizon iPhone 5’s tethering option in an acceptable way. For the last week, I’ve been working out of various cafes. It feels so good to have a zippy home connection. The result above shows my naked connection, while the one below shows my connection through a VPN. Yes, AT&T U-Verse isn’t as fast as a Docsis 3.0 cable modem connection, but it’s cheaper and I don’t have to deal with crap bag Time Warner Cable.

Props to U-Verse technician Eric for being friendly and fast, as well as receptive to my wacky cabling ideas.

Wednesday Housekeeping: Moving Daze

Hello there ladies and gents. As some of you know, I’m moving into a new apartment with my very own filming area (for reviews, not bondage videos). The light stuff starts today and the heavy stuff happens tomorrow. My Internet connectivity will be all over the place, especially since my U-Verse installation is being delayed because the frickin’ apartment manager can’t be bothered to pick up the phone (wow, headaches before I’ve even moved in?). I’ll be checking in as much as I can, though mostly through my phones. Please wish me a safe and speedy move (especially the latter, since the movers charge by the hour).

Monday Housekeeping

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates. My last day in the Philippines was exhausting. That and the 16+ hours of flying that followed it caught up to me, resulting in one of the worst colds I’ve had in years. At least, I think it was due to my last day in the Philippines. There’s a possibility that I was so bummed by the screening of GI Joe: Retaliation, that my body shut down. Travel and exhaustion are the more likely culprits.

I’ll have a few articles for you today before spending the latter half of this Monday working on a secret project. Before I get to that, I have to perform one of my annual errands. It’s the day after Easter. Do you know what the means? Groceries and drug stores will have Cadbury Creme Eggs marked down! Let’s do this.

Tuesday Housekeeping: Crazy Flights Ahead

Greetings from LAX! More specifically, greetings from the bar at the United Club in terminal six. I have a crazy two days of flying ahead of me. First it’s LAX to HNL to GUM to MNL. Then I crash for a few hours at my parents’ condo in Fort Bonifacio before the MNL to CEB flight. Also, I didn’t sleep last night. While that will definitely help me conk out on the airplane, I fear that not sleeping…wasn’t the best decision. I’m going to pay for that latera.

I’m still going to post The Adventures of R.Pad and Z.Kitty. In a way, I’m kind of glad that parts of each chapter were cut off due to a 1Up redesign. I have no idea how each chapter was supposed to end. I’m sure it’s the same deal for Zoe and the chapters she wrote. It makes the whole thing more mysterious (and probably more interesting).

I definitely want to write something about Bernard Hopkins. He’s one of the most unique athletes I’ve ever seen. Most people are impressed that he’s winning boxing fights at 48, but I’m more impressed by his devotion to and mastery of boxing craft. His rings smarts and economy of movement are ridiculous.

Well, it’s almost time to board. If my flight arrives on time, I should have a brief layover in Hawaii. Aloha.

Make Your Own Batman & Robin Meme

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA today. I’m working on a really complex video piece (and by complex, I mean that I don’t have the equipment that would make this project easy). For now, would you kindly play a game with me (in addition to ShufflePix)? Let’s create some RPad.TV-themed memes using the infamous panel of Batman slapping the bejeezus out of Robin. I’ve posted a really basic example above, but I’m sure you guys and gals will come up with funnier stuff. The meme creator is here. Game on!

Monday Housekeeping: Backend Updates

Last night I performed a fairly major site update. Most of the changes are of the under-the-hood variety, but there are a few that you’ll notice. As always, if something seems amiss, please let me know. Here’s the rundown.

  • General Performance: The site should be a little bit snappier now. I should also be able to use high quality images without sacrificing load time. Let’s see how that goes.
  • Slider Improvements: The front-page slider should be behaving much better across all browsers. In the past, it would blow up in size and use full-sized images instead of thumbnails. It should also be more responsive to touch on the iPad.
  • Callout Button: There’s a callout button under the slider for special content. It could be useful. Aesthetically, I don’t like it. What do you think?

Coming Soon

  • Pagination: You’ll be able to browse the site through numbered pages of content again, as opposed to just “next” and “previous” pages. I’m having a bug with this at the moment, but to hope to resolve it soon. I really missed that feature from the old site.