Tuesday Housekeeping: Crazy Flights Ahead

Greetings from LAX! More specifically, greetings from the bar at the United Club in terminal six. I have a crazy two days of flying ahead of me. First it’s LAX to HNL to GUM to MNL. Then I crash for a few hours at my parents’ condo in Fort Bonifacio before the MNL to CEB flight. Also, I didn’t sleep last night. While that will definitely help me conk out on the airplane, I fear that not sleeping…wasn’t the best decision. I’m going to pay for that latera.

I’m still going to post The Adventures of R.Pad and Z.Kitty. In a way, I’m kind of glad that parts of each chapter were cut off due to a 1Up redesign. I have no idea how each chapter was supposed to end. I’m sure it’s the same deal for Zoe and the chapters she wrote. It makes the whole thing more mysterious (and probably more interesting).

I definitely want to write something about Bernard Hopkins. He’s one of the most unique athletes I’ve ever seen. Most people are impressed that he’s winning boxing fights at 48, but I’m more impressed by his devotion to and mastery of boxing craft. His rings smarts and economy of movement are ridiculous.

Well, it’s almost time to board. If my flight arrives on time, I should have a brief layover in Hawaii. Aloha.

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Housekeeping: Crazy Flights Ahead”

      1. Have a safe trip to GUM, Also be careful in MNL. Flying into gum sounds kinda safe, it’s sticky…seems legit…I don’t know about flying into Mauna Loa though, seems risky.

  1. Good morning from Manila! One more flight and I get to stay in the same place for a few days. Man, I have to get used to the humidity.

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