RPadTV 3000 Episode 3: Karen Chu and Chris Kohler

Good Job Brain showrunner Karen Chu and co-host Chris Kohler are the latest guests on RPadTV 3000! I was lucky enough to know these cats when I lived in San Francisco and we were all part of the games media. At the time, Karen was at 1Up and Chris was at Wired. I respected them … Continue reading “RPadTV 3000 Episode 3: Karen Chu and Chris Kohler”

NAMM 2013: Blue Microphones Nessie

Tech nerds love Blue Microphones’ mix of quality construction, sleek looks, and great sound. The company’s USB mics are used by thousands of musicians and podcasters. The latest USB mic from Blue is the Nessie. Like the Loch Ness Monster it’s named after, the Nessie has a curved, elongated neck. It uses the same capsule … Continue reading “NAMM 2013: Blue Microphones Nessie”

This Week’s Videogame Releases

As you’d expect in November, there are fantastic games coming out this week. Call of Duty: Black Ops should light up the charts. Actually, it should obliterate them. The PlayStation 3 has the wonderful The Sly Collection, as well as the Move-tastic The Fight: Lights Out and Singstar Dance. Konami has already pasted American Idol … Continue reading “This Week’s Videogame Releases”

Coffee Talk #215: Who Are Your Favorite Internet Writers?

Let’s be real — this can’t possibly be the only web site you visit on a daily basis. Don’t worry, I don’t get (too) jealous when you spend time reading other sites. Having said that, I’d love to hear about some of your favorite Internet writers. Whether it’s games, sports, tech, or whatever, let me know who some of your favorite scribes are. Here are some of mine:

Coffee Talk #214: Five Things I Can’t Wait to See at TGS 2010

I’m so bummed that I’m missing Tokyo Game Show. Part of it is that it’s always incredibly fun hanging out with writer, developer, and PR friends in Tokyo. Part of it is that the karaoke is simply the best (I’ve never seen so many Pixies songs available anywhere else in the world). Lastly, part of it is that my tastes lean towards Japanese games and the announcements are usually super exciting for gamers like me. Here are five things I’m looking forward to hearing more about during TGS 2010.

Greetings From E3 2010!!!

– E3 2010 has been fantastic so far, but totally surprising. I can’t believe that my two favorite games of the show (so far) are Wii titles!!! Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Epic Mickey are just incredible. They’re very different, but I’m digging them for the same reasons — clever gameplay and unique art direction. – … Continue reading “Greetings From E3 2010!!!”

First Project Natal Games Detailed by LA Times

The sexy Alex Pham of The LA Times has details on a handful of Project Natal launch games that will be show at E3 2010. Here’s a brief synopsis: River Rush: Steering a virtual raft past waterfalls, rocks and other obstacles requires lots of jumping and leaning. Ricochet: Players use their arms, legs, feet and … Continue reading “First Project Natal Games Detailed by LA Times”

Blast From the Past: Reset Episode 6

Superheros, new consoles, and Konami — this episode of Reset has a lot going on! The second clip is particularly amusing when viewed through the retroscope; predicting PlayStation 3 factoids before launch is always good fun. Anyway, check it out! Part 1 — I love X-Men Legends. Action-RPGs are some of my favorite games and … Continue reading “Blast From the Past: Reset Episode 6”