Coffee Talk #214: Five Things I Can’t Wait to See at TGS 2010

I’m so bummed that I’m missing Tokyo Game Show. Part of it is that it’s always incredibly fun hanging out with writer, developer, and PR friends in Tokyo. Part of it is that the karaoke is simply the best (I’ve never seen so many Pixies songs available anywhere else in the world). Lastly, part of it is that my tastes lean towards Japanese games and the announcements are usually super exciting for gamers like me. Here are five things I’m looking forward to hearing more about during TGS 2010.

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I’m so bummed that I’m missing Tokyo Game Show. Part of it is that it’s always incredibly fun hanging out with writer, developer, and PR friends in Tokyo. Part of it is that the karaoke is simply the best (I’ve never seen so many Pixies songs available anywhere else in the world). Lastly, part of it is that my tastes lean towards Japanese games and the announcements are usually super exciting for gamers like me. Here are five things I’m looking forward to hearing more about during TGS 2010.

  1. The Last Guardian — I’ve been high on this game since E3 2009 and was totally bummed that it wasn’t at E3 2010. TGS does seem more appropriate for Team Ico’s next unique adventure.
  2. The 3rd Birthday — I’ve been trying to get you guys and dolls to pay attention to this Parasite Eve (not a) sequel, but it doesn’t appear to be working. It’s going to be cool! I really believe that.
  3. Nintendo 3DSObviously I have a professional interest in the 3DS, but after playing with it at E3 2010, I want it now! Honestly, it’s more “magical” than the Apple iPad. On a side note, Satoru Iwata and Steve Jobs need to fight over the “magic” in a steel cage.
  4. Shadows of the Damned — It’s Grasshopper’s Suda 51 and Platinum Games’ Shinji Mikami working together. That’s just sheer awesomeness.
  5. More Square Enix — Yeah, in addition to The 3rd Birthday, I’m starving for more on Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Ogre Battle, FF Tactics for iPhone, next-gen engine — anything really. I love Square Enix games (especially the ones with Reona Rewis).

I’m sure there will be plenty of awesome news coming out of TGS 2010. What do you think of my list? What are you looking forward to hearing more about? Man, I’d love to hang out with some of you in Tokyo. If you haven’t been, I’m sure you’d totally dig it. Now get to shouting (not literally, Big Blak) in the comments section (please)!

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45 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #214: Five Things I Can’t Wait to See at TGS 2010”

  1. The 3DS will probably be the biggest news that I am interested in. I have just never been able to get in to the FF games, even though they look cool. I sometimes almost feel that as someone who considers themselves a little more hardcore of a gamer than average I should like the FF series, but I just never have clicked with it. One day I might give one of the games another try though. Just in case. Other than that hopefully something else from TGS will catch my attention, but I haven't heard of much that will do that so far.

  2. I wont this time haha!

    I have no expectations because I haven't been keeping up with gaming news so everything will be a nice surprise.

  3. I read a blurb from Capcom the other day that dished on what kind of gfx the 3DS will be pumping out. I'm very impressed by that machine's ability. Engadget had the write up I believe. Just search.

    I'm interested in FF Versus. I wouldn't mind playing it seeing as how it is more real time action like Kingdom Hearts. I'm over the whole Kingdom Hearts series. The first game was amazing, the 2nd held its own…but for me, it has run its course.

    I'd like to see more of what Kojima has been working on. I'm a huge mark for his games.

    3rd Birthday, I need more info on it. Parasite Eve was good back in the day so I will take a look at this once there is more information.

    Last guardian = no interest.

  4. I completely jealous of the Desire HD (announced today). It's like a better version of the Evo 4G. I need to look at the specs to see if it'll work with T-Mo's HSPA+ bands. It might be worth importing or buying while I'm in Asia.

  5. @Ray

    It has the same specs as your EVO does except it won't be CDMA…or 4G for that matter. I was kind of let down that it was only a European event :(

  6. @smartguy It has HSPA+, which is better than Sprint's WiMax. The speeds are comparable, but HSPA+ is much more effective indoors. It also has a fantastic looking aluminum body.

  7. @Ray

    I saw a black body on Engadget this morning.

    I wonder if those HSPA+ frequencies are the ones TMo uses here? Interesting.


    Hehe, him shooting kids is always funny.

  8. @smartguy It's black, but according to the press release, "the HTC Desire HD is sculpted from a block of solid aluminum".

    @Big Blak Probably not this year. The original Desire only recently popped up on US Cellular. You never know though. AT&T could use more than one Android phone that's worth having (the Captivate). Obviously Sprint doesn't need it, since it's basically a GSM Evo. Verizon has the most stacked Android lineup. T-Mobile has the G2, which isn't what I want, and the MyTouch HD (I don't like the rumored specs and really don't like Espresso UI).

  9. @n8r

    when you get here

    watched "shes out of your league" yesterday..i think you would like that movie, although i think it might make you homesick

    eating at primanti bros would alone be worth the trip to pittsburgh

  10. @ Iceman

    Seen it.

    Primanti's is original and all, but 1) it's just not for me and 2) it unhealthy as hell (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    For those who don't know, Primanti's serves all their sandwiches (steak, tuna, ham, egg, etc… like 40 different variants) with fries and coleslaw ON the sandwich.

    Speaking of unhealthy foods…

    @ Slicky (when you get here)

    I got the new Game Informer yesterday (the cover art is cool as hell, but anyway). On the last page is an interview with Kevin Butler. They asked him what his favorite food was and he said something close to:

    "Have you ever heard of a Monte Cristo sandwich? A Monte Cristo is a full turkey, ham, and swiss sandwich dipped completely in french toast batter, fried up, and served. It's pretty rare in most countries because few people can handle it's epicness. My favorite food is a double bacon cheeseburger with 2 Monte Cristo sandwiches acting as the bread"

    My question…. What's up with your restaurant serving the Kevin Butler burger?

  11. no need to apologize…ill be rocking a steeler avatar soon enough…i just hope its mike wallace who murders us

  12. @ FF

    BSU has taken the lead with a total of 7 stars in the trophies section! Iceman wont be to happy.

  13. yeah i swore i was gonna score 2000, didnt figure on shonn green and dwayne bowe sucking like they did

  14. @N8R

    Lol. We have a local restaurant that serves a Monte Cristo but I have never tried one. A deep fried sandwich doesn't sound to tasty.

    It seems like everyone is serving the same type of sandwich we have been serving for years. Oh well, I'm just happy people enjoy our food.

  15. Deep fried beer…I gotta try that! lol

    @Big Blak

    Where does it show that I am in the lead with anything in the FF league?

  16. @Redtailman

    I've heard something about it but not much. I have always wanted to try a fried Snickers bar. Last year at the Texas State Fair they served Fried Sweet Butter.

  17. @ FF

    I would recommend getting familiar with that website it isn't to user friendly for finding what you need.

  18. Damn! These a-holes stole my idea for Xbox Live Uber-Platinum!

    @deep fried anything;

    Everything tastes better deep fried in lard! I'm pretty sure that shoe leather will even taste awesome if fried. In fact, I think that's exactly what they serve at a local Cuban restaurant I frequent.

    Hey, Slicky, are you interested in franchising out your place?



    This may be a dumb question but I can't seem to find an answer to it. In Halo Reach does the stuff from the Armory have any actual effect on the game or is it just for looks?

  20. @Ray

    lol true. I should have said I have not heard any pre-TGS rumors that sound intriguing.


    Thanks, I see where that is now. I honestly haven't been paying much attention to any other types of scoring or trophies, just points and how many my team can get me.

    @Battlefield 1943

    I finally played all 100 matches, so this game is now completed! Took me long enough!!

  21. @Bsu

    I think I have well over 1k matches in that game. I loved that damn game last summer. I was honestly hoping they were gonna add more content to it or release another version this past summer.


    I'm not falling for that trick again! I had Steel Battalion for my xbox and was so proud of it. Then I died…and it erased my save file. Start all over. Like Demon Soul's but less forgiving. I honestly thought the eject button was a novelty.

  22. @Smartguy

    It wasn't a bad game, and I think it would have been nice if they would have added DLC like they said they were going to. But I got all the other achievements on that game before I even hit 30 matches and most of the people I came across in that game were just messing around and not really playing to win, so it made me not want to play it as much, which is why I just now got to 100 matches.

  23. iTunes question:

    So I input my new payment information and I get "security code invalid". WTF? I can read the numbers perfectly on my nice new shiny card. Now all of a sudden Apple isn't accepting my payment method. I can't even update an app with this issue. Anyone else have this problem? This could become quite a large issue for me if I can't use my primary card to make purchases.

  24. Perhaps it's in Flash and unreadable.

    Actually I might have to look in to this on my itunes bcz yesterday my iPod touch was having a problem downloading something as well and maybe these things are related. I will check it out and see what I can find.

  25. @Ray

    Ha, not yet. I'm gonna hold off and see what happens with the new devices mentioned yesterday. I had an issue when I got my iPad recently that I had to verify my account on it in order to do anything. That's when it first told me my card was invalid. Happen to be that my card expires at the end of this month so I decided to wait for my new one. Well I got the new one today and the same thing is happening. I don't know if it is the bank or Apple. I'm switching to Chase Bank imminently so I guess I shouldn't worry about it too much. Just very frustrating that I can't make a .99 purchase or update an App.

    FYI, I did stop at TMo store today and played with the Vibrant again. That's a nice device but Touchwiz is a killer to me. I'd have to disable it with a diff launcher. I also couldn't get the Speedtest App to launch after I pulled it down :(. The biggest bummer was the fact that HSPA+ isn't in my immediate area yet. They told me Q1 2011.

  26. @Slicky;

    I'm pretty sure that the optional equipment purchases are just for looks, but I could be wrong. I'm going to look into it for you at to see if I can get a solid answer from the good people at Bungie.


    That sucks. I don't really buy much on iTunes or Apple, but what you are descirbing has not happened to me… yet.


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