NAMM 2013: Blue Microphones Nessie

Tech nerds love Blue Microphones’ mix of quality construction, sleek looks, and great sound. The company’s USB mics are used by thousands of musicians and podcasters. The latest USB mic from Blue is the Nessie. Like the Loch Ness Monster it’s named after, the Nessie has a curved, elongated neck. It uses the same capsule as the renowned Yeti, but features adaptive processing for users that don’t want to mess around with EQ and levels. The Nessie features a built-in pop filter and shock mount, adding to the user friendliness. This mic is a great choice for podcasters that don’t know how to optimize sound and musicians laying down quick scratch tracks.

I’m a huge fan of Blue Mics. I use a Yeti for VO and used an Encore for interviews/karaoke. While the Yeti is still going strong, a friend of mine broke my Encore by accidentally smashing it on concrete (I’m still not over it). Some of you will recall that comedian Jay Mohr was so impressed by my Encore that he grabbed it and busted out some Van Halen. Anyway, back to the Nessie! On paper, it looks like a great USB mic for single users. I expect it to offer the same great sound quality as the Yeti, but in an idiot-proof package.

Check out the video above and let me know what you think of the Blue Microphones Nessie when you have a chance. Also, since Blue already has the Yeti and Nessie, which mythical creature do you think the company will go with next?

Author: RPadTV