Vaping Diaries #252: Johnny Ugly Vapor Interview (ECC 2014)

One of the newest and most unique e-liquid companies from Southern California is Johnny Ugly Vapor. The company uses an old-school style and awesomely atypical packaging that immediately grabs your attention. Inside the bottles, Johnny Ugly Vapor uses a coffee, candy, and cake system to make its juices. As someone that identifies coffee, candy, and cake as his three “food groups,” I was intrigued by the Johnny Ugly Vapor approach to vaping e-liquids. At ECC 2014, I met up with Johnny Ugly himself to talk about his company. In addition to describing his flavors and teasing his next one (Monster), he spoke about his background in fashion and love for the Rat Pack. Those two elements are apparent in the style he’s going for with Johnny Ugly Vapor.

Check out the interview above to learn more about Johnny Ugly Vapor, see its unique bottles, learn about its flavors, and hear about what’s coming next.

Johnny Ugly Vapor ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV