Vaping Diaries #251: VLS James Ting Interview (ECC 2014)

In a short amount of time, VLS has established a strong reputation in the vaping business. Known for products that mix high quality and great value, VLS is a favorite among many vapers. As a fan of the company’s Vulcan atomizer, I was looking forward to checking out the latest VLS products at ECC 2014. The Ragnarok mechanical mod was getting a lot of attention at the show. This all-copper mech looks great and has an MSRP of $99. VLS had a pair of new Vulcan products too. The Vulcan drip tip uses a modular design that lets you match it with any mod and a PEEK insulator to keep the tip cool. The Vulcan HS is an accessory that allows you to use any atomizer with the Vulcan’s heat fins.

Check out my interview with VLS business development manager James Ting to learn more about the company’s latest products. He also took some time to clear up any confusion about where the Vulcan atomizer is made.

VLS James Ting ECC 2014 Ragnarok

Author: RPadTV