Vaping Diaries #224: NeoVapeTek E-Liquid Interview (Chris Chapman)

Following up on my chat on the unique NeoVapeTek Venturi RDA, here’s an interview on the company’s upcoming vaping e-liquids. At E-Cig City 4 in Riverside, I hung out with NeoVapeTek head of e-liquid research Christopher Chapman. He told me about his background as a vaper and how he got into juice making, as well as three of the company’s launch flavors and what’s coming next.

I’ve tried two NeoVapeTek e-liquids and been pleasantly surprised by the flavors. As a former clove cigarette smoker, I was curious about ┬áNeoVapeTek’s Dejarum blend. There aren’t too many clove juices out there and most of the ones I’ve tried were a little bit off (or more). Dejarum is on point. In the interview, Chris talks about exploring the culinary uses of clove and adding complementary ingredients in order to achieve an accurate approximation of clove cigarettes. The other NeoVapeTek juice I’ve been enjoying is Are Why’s Mallow. This is a unique twist on the RY4 formula — arguably the most duplicated and imitated flavor in vaping. Wanting to stand out from the crowd, Chris experimented with numerous complementary flavors until finding toasted marshmallow. As a huge RY4 fan, I’ve found this unique take on the flavor quite compelling. Lastly, Chris talks about Orango Tango, which is his partner’s favorite e-liquid in the NeoVapeTek launch lineup.

In addition to talking about the company’s six launch flavors, Chris discusses what he’s working on and what flavors you can expect next from NeoVapeTek. I’ll be giving his juices a full review in the near future. For now, kindly check out the interview above to learn more about the company’s efforts in the e-liquid space. If you have a chance, please let me know which of the company’s launch flavors you’re most interested in (leave your pick in the comments section…please!).

NeoVapeTek Vaping E-Liquid Juice

Special thanks to Handsome Vapers Club for introducing me to the NeoVapeTek crew!

Author: RPadTV