RPadTV Fundraiser Shirt: RPad 3:16

RPad 316 Shirt

To help fund RPad.TV’s coverage of ECC 2014, I present to you the RPad 3:16 t-shirt! A “stunning” example of “stone-cold” fashion, the t-shirt’s front proudly reads, “RPad 3:16.” The back of the shirt is a nod to the site’s vaping coverage and the trip I’m trying to raise money for, so it reads, “www.RPad.TV Says I Just Vaped Your Ass.” WWE fans will understand the play on words. For vaping fans that don’t watch pro-wrestling, please be assured that I don’t actually vape ass or recommend vaping ass. The RPad 3:16 t-shirt is printed on Gildan Athletic Performance t-shirts that are great at keeping you cool and wicking sweat away from your body. Look cool, feel cool, and support RPad.TV by picking up a shirt today (please)!

(Do note, that this is a timed print run and will only be available for 10 days.)

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2 thoughts on “RPadTV Fundraiser Shirt: RPad 3:16”

  1. The image of “vaping ass” is now one which refuses to leave my head.

    … thanks a lot… -___-


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