Vaping Diaries #223: NeoVapeTek Venturi Atomizer Interview

At a recent LA Vapers Club meeting, I met NeoVapeTek’s head of hardware production & design, Jack Dallas. He told me all about the Venturi atomizer, one of the most unique vaping products I’ve seen in 2014. While there are loads of rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) geared towards cloud chasers, there aren’t many that are made with flavor fiends in mind. As someone that’s way more concerned about flavor than vapor, I was excited about the Venturi atomizer. After using it for a week, I’ve been extremely impressed by this novel RDA. A full review is in the works, but before I get to that, let’s learn more about the Venturi atomizer from its creator.

With its atypical design, I naturally wanted to learn more about how this unique vaping product came to be, so I met up with Jack at E-Cig City 4 in Riverside. He told me a great story of how the design for the Venturi atomizer randomly came to him while he was taking a shower. He also spoke about the number of revisions the product went through, his unusually great customer service, and what’s next for NeoVapeTek. The company has a number of additional caps for the Venturi atomizer, including brass and copper models, as well as the C-Cap that’s made for cloud chasers. Jack’s next product will most likely be a Genesis-style atomizer, with a box mod likely to follow. If his future products stand out and perform the way the Venturi atomizer does, then you’ll definitely want to keep you eyes out for NeoVapeTek’s future wares.

As I said earlier, a Venturi atomizer review is currently being worked on, so stay tuned for that (please). Later in the week, I’ll post a video with Chris Chapman, the gentleman that handles the e-liquid side of NeoVapeTek. Former clover cigarette smokers will definitely want to check out that video. (*tease*)

NeoVapeTek Venturi Atomizer Jack Dallas Interview

Special thanks to Handsome Vape Club for introducing me to the NeoVapeTek crew!

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2 thoughts on “Vaping Diaries #223: NeoVapeTek Venturi Atomizer Interview”

  1. Ummmm I watched this vid and the creator claims this is a creative new design. Also heard he calls this the kfun of rda’s. This is not an original design. Deck and air flow design might be different but this is by no means an original new design. That being said of this thing can put out the flavor the same as or better then my cats, I’ll be all over this one.

    1. Well, the Venturi is a dripper and the Kayfun is a rebuildable tank — very different types of atomizers. With many high-end atomizers focusing on vapor production, it’s nice to see one that’s focused on flavor.

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