Vaping Diaries #185: Epic Juice Sammie Saing Interview (Vapers Exhibit)

When I chatted with Epic Juice CEO Arthur Han at ECC 2013, he mentioned that the company had some tobacco e-liquids in the works. The new flavors have arrived. First up is Yosi, which is Epic Juice’s take on the popular RY4 blend (tobacco, caramel, and vanilla as invented by Janty). As a huge mark for RY4s and a fan of Epic Juice, I’m looking forward to vaping this e-liquid. The other new flavor is Fraho, which is a blend of tobacco and crisp apple. I also dig Apple-baccos, so I’m looking forward to this one as well.

Looking at the big picture, I’m excited to see another Southern California e-liquid company tackling tobacco juices — especially a company as established and respected as Epic Juice. The SoCal market is dominated by fruit e-liquids, with creamy juices becoming the rage in 2014. Tobacco juices get a bad rap in SoCal vape shops, partially because some shop owners are ignorant regarding good tobacco e-liquids and partially because not a lot of local companies make this type of juice. Hopefully with juice makers like Epic Juice, SoCal will become a region that’s known for making great tobacco e-liquids.

Anyway, please check out the clip above and listen to Epic Juice sales director Sammy Saing talk about Yosi and Fraho.

Epic Juice Yosi

Author: RPadTV