Vaping Diaries #184: Angelcigs Preview

Angelcigs is a relatively new player in the vaping space. It’s an online retailer based in China. As you’d expect from a Chinese vaping retailer, the company offers rockbottom prices. However, there are a few things that Angelcigs is doing differently that make it stand out.

First up, the company has a very generous replacement and warranty policy. The standard policy is, “Return for refund within: 45 days. Return for replacement within: 6 months. No restocking fee. Shipping charges may apply if returns are not results of Angelcigs’s error.” On paper, Angelcigs appears to offer superior service.

The really exciting aspect of Angelcigs (for American vapers, anyway) is that the company utilizes a Los Angeles warehouse. Currently, three popular products are being shipped from Angelcigs’ Los Angeles warehouse — replicas of the Aqua, Kayfun 3.1, and Kayfun Lite atomizers. Items shipped from this facility are typically received within two to seven business days.

Many vapers purchase replicas and clones from the popular Fasttech web site. While the company has great prices and strong customer service, shipping often takes several weeks, as the products are coming from China. Angelcigs offers low prices and generous customer service policies, but with much faster shipping, thanks to its Los Angeles warehouse. On paper, Angelcigs appears to be a great alternative to Fasttech.

That being said, great customer service and fast shipping are meaningless if the products aren’t any good. I have the three aforementioned Angelcigs atomizers and will be reviewing them in the near future. At a glance, two of them appear to be solid clones, while I have some concerns about the other product. Having said that, I need to spend more time with these atomizers before making any meaningful judgements.

Stay tuned for reviews of the Aqua, Kayfun 3.1, and Kayfun Lite atomizer clones being sold by Angelcigs. For now, check out the company’s web site and let me know what you think.

Angelcigs Aqua clone

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