Vaping Diaries #172: Ahlusion Review VIII

Here’s a review of three very different e-liquids from Ahlusion. Orient Whisper is a complex fruit blend that really stands out. Next is Ahlusion’s excellent take on cherry cola. Wrapping things up is Sahara Blend, one of the best juices I vaped in 2013. As with the other Ahlusion e-liquids I’ve had, the flavors are delicious, natural, and masterfully blended. Read on to see if these three excellent Ahlusion juices are right for you.

Orient Whisper: A lovely fruit mix with lychee as the highlight, Ahlusion Orient Whisper is moderately sweet, creamy, and a little bit tangy. There are many tropical fruit blends on the market, but this one stands out. Orient Whisper is a unique and complex fruit medley that’s full of natural flavors. It has a thickness about it that reminded me a bit of The Vape Tree’s Pinoy Punch, but with a different blend of fruits. As lychee is one of my favorite fruits in the world, I adored this juice.

Orient Whisper blends wonderfully after two weeks of steeping. Early on, the bright and sweet lychee stands out. After two months, it starts to fade, with the creamy and citrus notes becoming more pronounced. For me, it was best after two weeks and before eight.

Juice Specs: 6mg nicotine, 50/50 PG/VG

Cherry Cola: Apparently cherries are a big deal in Michigan, where Ahlusion is based. It shows in the company’s Cherry Cola e-liquid. The cola and cherry flavors are very rich and authentic, with a slightly spicy bite. The blend tastes very much like a gourmet cherry cola, as opposed to generic Cherry Coke. While this is one of the sweetest Ahlusion juices I’ve had, the sweetness isn’t overpowering (a common e-liquid mistake). Objectively, this is one of the best cherry cola juices I’ve had. Subjectively, I prefer Clever Vape’s Brooklyn Pop, which has a much spicier kick. That said, I think that more vapers would prefer this juice.

Steeping this one is a little bit tricky. It’s really good fresh and great after two weeks. Early on, Ahlusion Cherry Cola has a fizzy sensation, similar to the one in the company’s W&A Sasparilla. It’s a very pleasant and unique thing, but it fades with time. My recommendation is to steep this juice for two weeks and finish it all before six. Carto/tank and clearomizer users should keep in mind that the scent and flavor of this juice tends to stick, particularly the scent. A thorough rinse and long alcohol soak will remove traces of the juice. Users of rebuildable atomizers will have an easier time, since they can just torch the flavor and scent remnants away.

Juice Specs: 6mg nicotine, 50/50 PG/VG

Sahara Blend: This was my favorite new juice of 2013. It’s a fantastic blend of Turkish and Virginia tobaccos. While it does have some flavor that’s reminiscent of the numerous artificial Turkish tobacco e-liquids on the market, it has far more complexity than any of those juices. Sahara Blend is spicy, sweet, and dry all at the same time. It’s a truly wonderful mix that I can’t get enough of. I quickly vaped through my 60ml review both and have consumed nearly 200ml of this excellent juice.

Sahara Blend is good when fresh, but six weeks of steeping really beings out the complexity. It’s sweeter early on, while the dry and spicy flavors become more pronounced over time. I highly recommend waiting for the juice to develop a pinkish hue before vaping it. When it becomes pinkish, Sahara Blend is divine.

Ahlusion Review Sahara Blend

Steeping and Review Notes (Updated December 29, 2013)
On the advice of Wlad from Ahlusion, I’ve been trying a new steeping method as of December 27, 2012. When the e-liquids arrive, I leave them uncapped for five minutes. Previously, I left them uncapped for about two days. After the liquids are given a few minutes to oxidize, the caps are put back on.

RPad.TV e-liquid reviews focus on the flavor of the e-liquids, since throat hit and vapor production can be altered by the PG/VG ratio and nicotine level selected. Each juice is vaped over a period of days in a bottom-coil silica atomizer (The Russian and Aqua), various rebuildable dripping atomizers, and a clearomizer.

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4 thoughts on “Vaping Diaries #172: Ahlusion Review VIII”

  1. Have you tried the Cherry House blend from Ahlusion? I’m getting some in the mail… Wondering if it’s any good. Most cherry vapes have that medicinal flavor, which is no good.

    1. I haven’t had Cherry House Blend, since I prefer several other Ahlusion tobaccos, but I’ve had other Ahlusion e-liquids with cherry. It’s definitely one of the best cherry flavors out there. It’s authentic and doesn’t taste like Nyquil. Cherry is one of the toughest flavors to get right and Ahlusion does a superior job. That said, the company has a very distinct cherry flavor. It’s a Michigan cherry. Some Ahlusion fans love it and others want something different.

      1. Well, I’m from Michigan… so hopefully I will like it. Lol. As long as it doesn’t taste like Nyquil, I think I’ll be ok. Thank you for your response

      2. A-ha! I actually didn’t know that cherries were a “thing” in Michigan until I got to know Ahlusion. I think you’ll enjoy the company’s cherry flavor. Personally, I think the Wild Wood and Aromatic lines are better than the House Blend line, but if you prefer a light tobacco then Cherry House Blend should work for you. And thank YOU for writing in.

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