Vaping Diaries #167: Aqua Atomizer Review (UVO System)

The Aqua by Footoon from UVO System has been one of the hottest atomizers for the last few months. This bottom-coil silica atomizer is often touted as a “Kayfun killer.” I completely disagree with that label, but have become extremely fond of the Aqua atomizer. The Kayfun 3.1 is indisputably one of the finest atomizers on the market today. After using the Aqua atomizer for several months (special thanks to The Vape Source for the hookup), I believe that it’s just as excellent, but offers a very different vape. It’s more of a Kayfun alternative than a Kayfun killer. Will you like the Aqua more than the Kayfun? It depends on what kind of vape you’re looking for.

What’s in the Kit: The Aqua atomizer comes in a black box adorned with the UVO System logo. Inside the box are the atomizer, two drip tips, spare O-rings, and a hybrid pin for the Origin by Footoon mod. The included accessories are useful; extra O-rings are always a good idea and the hybrid pin is a nice treat for Origin owners, allowing for greater performance with a direct connection to the battery. The drip tips look great and match the Aqua atomizer perfectly, but they heat up quickly on sub-ohm builds. They’re fine for anything above 1.0 ohms, but as you hit the 0.7 ohm range and lower, the metal drip tips become too hot for chain vaping.

Build Quality: The Aqua atomizer is made primarily from 316 stainless steel, which is considered surgical grade. The metal is luxurious and the quality is easily apparent. The machining is also top notch, with clean lines and smooth threads. The build quality of the Aqua atomizer is excellent and comparable to that of other high-end atomizers on the market.

Design: In many ways, the Aqua atomizer works similarly to the Kayfun 3.1. It uses a small flavor chamber and air pressure to deliver an outstanding vape. There are some major differences though. It’s a relatively small device and its juice capacity (effectively less than 2ml) is somewhat modest. Some vapers will appreciate the compact form factor, while others will yearn for more capacity.

Where the Aqua atomizer gets really interesting is with its dual-coil capabilities. This baby was made with dual-coil builds in mind. The air-flow control gives vapers a decently wide range of draws — certainly a broader range of air flow than what the Kayfun 3.1 offers. Lastly, juice flow can be manipulated by turning the center tube. Vaping mostly 50/50 and 60/40 PG/VG juices, I didn’t need to use the juice-flow control, but it will definitely come in handy for vapers that prefer thicker juices with a higher VG percentage.

Since the Aqua atomizer was made to match Footoon’s Origin mod, its diameter is 21mm. It looks perfect on the Origin, but leaves a gap when used with the numerous 22mm and 23mm mods on the market. Personally, I didn’t care about the aesthetics since I was extremely satisfied with the device’s vape, but vapers that are anal about flush appearances will be bugged by the Aqua’s atypical diameter.

Performance: This device offers everything I love about the best bottom-coil silica atomizers on the market — the full flavor of dripping with some juice capacity. It’s also an extremely versatile atomizer. While the Kayfun rightfully has legions of fans, there are some vapers that want an airier draw, a warmer vape, and easy dual-coil setups. This is what the Aqua atomizer brings to the table. You get outstanding flavor and versatility with this atomizer.

Like other bottom-coil silica atomizers, the Aqua is pocket-friendly. You can close off the air flow completely and put it in your pocket or bag without having to worry about leaks.

Ease of Use: Building coils for the Aqua atomizer is more complicated than building coils for a dripper or a Kayfun, but relatively straightforward. The deck is small and there’s not a lot of space to work with. For wick, I found it easiest to use material that’s 2mm wide or less; anything bigger and it’s difficult to stuff the wick into the Aqua’s channels. Using flat ribbon is possible, but using wire is exponentially easier (I’ve seen ribbon builds, but it’s not something I could easily do myself). If you have experience with rebuildables then you should be fine with the Aqua. If you’re a newcomer then I’d suggest going for a Kayfun-style device first, since those are easier to work with.

With my average building skills, I was able to set up good dual-coil builds using Ekowool, ceramic wick, and cotton. Since juice levels can’t be seen, I recommend going with Ekowool, silica, or ceramic wick on this atomizer.

Refilling the Aqua is a snap. You take the top cap off, fill the tank with juice, put the cap back on, twist it until it’s nearly closed, turn it upside down, and finish screwing the cap back on. While you can do the same with a Kayfun while covering the air hole with your finger, refilling the Aqua is much easier than they way you’re supposed to refill a Kayfun 3.1 or Kayfun Lite. The former requires a syringe or needle-tipped bottle, while the latter requires taking off the atomizer and using a screwdriver. Refilling the Aqua atomizer is a breeze and it passes the all-important “drunk” test. I was able to refill the atomizer multiple times while intoxicated and it never leaked on me. Win.

Aqua Atomizer review (Aqua by Footoon UVO System)

Verdict: For certain types of juices, the Aqua atomizer is amazing. Its potential for high-temperature vaping makes it a great choice for bakery, tobacco, and some dessert e-liquids. The device is made from top-notch materials, features great craftsmanship, is quite versatile, and is relatively easy to rebuild. While I disagree with the assessment that it’s a Kayfun killer, I think it’s a fantastic complement to the Kayfun 3.1. I love having the Kayfun 3.1 for certain fruit juices and other e-liquids that work better at cooler temperatures. For those that taste better at higher temperatures, dual-coiling the Aqua atomizer makes for an outstanding vape. If you’re the type of vaper that enjoys juices that work at high temperatures, prefers dual-coil setups, and wants airflow versatility then the Aqua atomizer is a brilliant choice.

Author: RPadTV