Vaping Diaries #64: A Visit to Viper Vapor Los Angeles

Yesterday, I dropped by the newest vape shop in Los Angeles — Viper Vapor LA. Located in Koreatown, the store has been opened for a few weeks and is off to a promising start.

Mod choices include the venerable ProVape ProVari, the Joyetech eVic, and the Kamry K100, as well as various eGo models for those looking for “standard” e-cigs. The sexy and sturdy Vape Affinity glass tanks are available for carto/tank fans. The store will be adding additional hardware, including rebuildable atomizers, in the near future.

The store’s e-liquid choices include juices from Black Label Vape, Illusion, Caterpillar, and White Rhino. The store will stock Pink Spot Vapor juices in the near future. Similar to my experiences with the other LA vape shops that have opened in 2013, there was a lack of good tobbaco e-liquids. The Vapor-Mart has a pair of naturally-extracted tobacco juices, while Vaping Ape LA and Viper Vapor LA have none.

Amenities include a comfy sofa, a pair of tables, and several chairs. A water cooler — a must for any vape shop — is on the way and free WiFi will be available soon. The environment is fun and relaxed, while the owners are friendly, young¬†entrepreneurs.¬†I dig the vibe there and will definitely spend more time at the shop in the future (full disclosure: it’s a few blocks from where I live, so it’s the easiest vape shop for me to hit up).

The Los Angeles vape scene is thriving and I’m jazzed that another vape shop has opened this year. I’m excited to see how Viper Vapor LA will differentiate itself from the competition (one super-exciting idea was thrown around yesterday) and I hope that the store grows into another vaping success story.

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Author: RPadTV