Vaping Diaries #59: Brian Worthy Talks The Vapor-Mart

One of the newer vape shops in Los Angeles is The Vapor-Mart, located on the border of Hollywood and West Hollywood. For those of you not familiar with LA, this is one of the coolest areas in town, full of trendy restaurants and clothing boutiques. Adorned with paintings and sculptures from local artists, the vibe of The Vapor-Mart totally fits the neighborhood. Check out the video interview with co-owner Brian Worthy to learn how the store got started and to see some sweet artwork.

On the hardware side, the store focuses on new to intermediate vapers. There are cig-alike products, as well as smaller kits that feature the eGo-T and eGo Twist. More advanced mods include the SmokTech Bolt and Joyetech eVic. Top-of-the-line products include gorgeous mechanicals like the Atmomixani Gus 22 and 69, as well as House of Hybrids products like the Zenesis Sidewinder and Z-Atty-Pro. In the future, the store hopes to include more mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers.

As for e-liquid, the shop is proud to only offer juices that are made in the USA. The lineup includes Mountain Oak Vapors, Virgin Vapor, Villain Vapors, Zeus e-Juice, and Desert Horizon. Customers are free to sample all the e-liquids they wish. For tasting, the shop has a great bar setup, with Vivi Nova Mini clearomizers loaded up with 0mg nicotine versions of all the juices. Customers just to need to put their drip on the clearo and the clearo on their battery to find the right juice for them.

The Vapor-Mart has partnered with local Los Angeles artists to offer some beautiful paintings and sculptures. The store gets some unique decorations that make the place look fantastic, while the artists get free gallery space. Should the art sell, all proceeds go to the artist. It’s a win-win situation for the store and the artists.

While there are loads of vape shops north and (especially) south of Los Angeles, there aren’t that many in the city itself. I love that stores like The Vapor-Mart and the Vaping Ape LA have opened up within the last few months. Hopefully this is the start of a burgeoning LA vape scene. On a side note, my fine friend Paul and I often lunch near The Vapor-Mart, usually before a trip to the excellent Golden Apple Comics. It looks like our long lunches are going to get even longer, with good food, nerdy conversation, comics, and vaping on our agenda.

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