Vaping Diaries #53: A Visit to Vaping Ape Los Angeles

Earlier today, I had a fun meeting with Mr. Xia from Innokin. Since we planned to connect in Hollywood, I thought I’d stop by Vaping Ape Los Angeles. It’s a new shop, close to the bustling intersection of Hollywood and Highland. The store had a soft opening last week and things are off to a promising start.┬áVaping Ape LA has a chill vibe and a cool staff, making it a great place to shop, hang out, and vape.

The company is still acquiring more hardware and e-liquid (remember, soft opening), but the initial selection is pretty good. On the hardware front I noticed ProVape, Ovale, Boge, and Vape Affinity products. E-liquid selection currently includes Villain Vapors, Vaping Monkey, E-Liq Cube, and Naughty by Vapor (the company’s house juice…which I sincerely hope is followed up by A Tribe Called Vape). In the near future, Vaping Ape LA will have several new hardware and juice selections from some of the top companies in vaping.

As far as lounging goes, there’s a couch and a few chairs inside. There are also tables and chairs just outside of the shop, which is great because the weather in Los Angeles is fantastic 80 percent of the year.

For e-liquid sampling, Vaping Ape LA has carto/tanks loaded with every juice offered in the store. The shop provides drip tips for you to use and you can sample away. I tried a pair of E-Liq Cube juices, as well as every flavor in the Naughty by Vapor Line (after being followed by A Tribe Called, Vape La Soul should be next).

I really enjoyed chatting with the Vaping Ape LA team. Everyone was friendly and knowledgable. Everyone was also Filipino-American and I happened to be wearing one of my Manny Pacquiao t-shirts. I’m pretty sure that it was kismet that I wore that shirt and chose to visit the shop on this day. I think it means that it’s my destiny to hang out at Vaping Ape LA more. Ha!

Stay tuned for a video interview on the shop in the near future. For now, check out the Vaping Ape LA photo gallery below.

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Author: RPadTV