Vaping Diaries #63: Getting to Know Vapor Stands

One of my favorite things about vaping is that it has created numerous opportunities for American¬†entrepreneurs. Some of my favorite companies in the business, like Ahlusion and Valley View Vapes, have enjoyed great success in a relatively short amount of time thanks to the burgeoning popularity of vaping. Of course it helps that both companies offer great products and back them with fantastic customer service. During my interview with Brian from The Vapor-Mart, I came across Vapor Stands. This relatively new company offers gorgeous handmade e-cig holders and has been enjoying success through Etsy and Facebook. I’ve been chatting with Vapor Stands co-founder Tim Mullicane to learn more about the company and hear its American success story.

Diana, my girlfriend, wanted to quit smoking and I knew that it would be difficult for her if I kept smoking. Between us we had over 50 years of combined smoking experience, so it was more than time to quit. We went to our local vapor store and 45 minutes later we were smoke free. Shortly after coming home with our e-cigs, we realized the lack of c-cig holders or stands on the market. We took my hobby of woodworking and built a simple little stand out of scrap oak firewood. A few design modifications later, we have the Vapor Stand Set.

Vapor Stands offers finely crafted products made from cherry, oak, and walnut woods. The majority of its products are designed to hold eGo-style e-cigs and accessories, but the company also does custom work for vapers with larger mods. Whether you’re looking for a simple desk stand, something that helps you keep your vaping device upright in your car, or a holder for a variety of mods, ¬†there should be a Vapor Stands product that meets your needs. Check out the photo gallery below to see the different designs and woods Vapor Stands uses.

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In addition to helping people quit smoking, it’s completely awesome that vaping has created business opportunities for people like Vapor Stands Tim and Diana — opportunities that allow people to combine their passions and skills. For example, Ahlusion Wlad is a culinary genius that attended a prestigious school, and it shows in his juices. Similarly, Vapor Stands Tim is a skilled woodworker and his craftsmanship shows in his products. My knowledge of wood is limited to guitars and baseball bats (and splinters), so I asked Tim for some information on how he works with the different woods used in Vapor Stands products.

We hand craft our products from kiln-dried hardwoods including oak, walnut, and cherry. The Oak Stands have an aggressive grain pattern and turn out a beautiful blonde when finished. The Walnut Stands have a multi-color grain when finished and are a rich dark chocolate. The Cherry Stands have a very open grain full of pattern and finish into an almost salmon color. All of our Vapor Stand products have three coats of polyurethane for a high gloss finish and durability. All Vapor Stands are hand crafted in my wood shop.

As you can tell from the photos above and the clips in my interview with The Vapor-Mart, these are gorgeous e-cig holders. However, seeing them in person and feeling the heft of the wood gives you a deeper appreciation for these handmade products. Vapor Stands is popping up in more and more vape shops all the time, so if you need to see one before buying, then check with your local store or bug your local store owner about stocking these products. As for me, I have my eye on the Pie Slice Holder, but with larger holes for my big mods (big boy mods?). I plan on filming a video review on a Vapor Stands e-cig holder in the near future, so stay tuned.

Author: RPadTV