PlayStation 3 Manufacturing Hits Brazil

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that some PlayStation 3 systems will be manufactured in Brazil. According to a company press release, the move is “expected to infuse the Brazilian economy with approximately $300-million over the next 12 months.” Brazil is no stranger to manufacturing consumer electronics. Foxconn, known primarily to nerds as Apple’s chief manufacturer, has a number of plants in the country, pumping out thousands of iOS devices daily.

To be completely honest, the reason I wanted to write about this “news” was so that I could reuse an image of Street Fighter Blanka. In my head, an army of Blankas will work diligently in a factory, assembling PlayStation 3 hardware while powering the facility the same time. That would be awesome. Yes, I realize that Cole MacGrath from inFamous would be a more appropriate choice, but Blanka is much funnier.

Author: RPadTV