Vaping Diaries #3: Why Use a Variable Voltage E-Cig?

In addition to experimenting with different flavors and different ingredient percentages of e-liquids, hardcore vapers can take things to the next level of (awesome) nerdom by using variable-voltage devices. Typical e-cigarettes, like Safe Cig for example, run at 3.7 volts. Variable voltage models allow you to change the voltage anywhere from three to six volts in increments of 0.1, depending on the model. This allows for even more versatility and experimentation. Different voltages will cause different results with various juices and atomizers, allowing for a myriad of possibilities. Being able to control voltage helps people find the perfect vape.

As far as e-liquids go, voltage levels can alter throat hit, vapor production, and flavor. They’re especially useful for people that are sensitive to or are allergic to propylene glycol. Juices that contain heavy levels of vegetable glycerol¬†or are completely comprised of ¬†it can perform poorly on some e-cig setups. With variable voltage devices, those juices can result in blissful vapes.

Low-resistance atomizers are a no-no on many fixed-voltage devices since they result in more watts. Some batteries simply can’t handle atomizers rated at two ohms or lower. Variable-voltage devices can accomodate atomizers of all ratings. Again, this allows for more experimentation (i.e. nerd fun) that can help people find the perfect vape.

Variable-Voltage devices are another reason tech geeks enjoy vaping. It’s all about experimenting in order to find the perfect blend of taste, throat hit, and vapor. Well-made juices and great equipment will get you far, but finding the voltage that complements that combination perfectly will take things to the next level.

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    1. For the liquids you mean? If so, then indeed they do. Nate mixes his own stuff. You can buy base ingredients and different flavor essences to come up with your own brew. It’s just like alchemy!

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