Google October 29 Press Conference and You

Google is holding a major press conference on October 29, 2012. With tons of rumors and some photo leaks of an LG Nexus phone floating around, most experts are certain that product will make a debut at this presser. Earlier in the year, it was rumored that Google will have multiple partners for the next round of Nexus phones.Perhaps the “playground” theme on the invite indicates that multiple children will be frolicking in the Nexus world.

Last month I wrote about a possible Nexus 5 by HTC. Recent rumors point to a Nexus phone by Sony. One interesting, but somewhat disappointing, guess is that Samsung will release a Galaxy Nexus+ that uses the same body as the previous model but with updated innards.

Other guesses have included an updated Nexus 7 and the release of Android 4.2.

What do you think of the Google presser rumors? Are any of you interested in a new Nexi? If so, which rumored Nexus partner interests you the most? (The right answer is HTC, btw.) Please gaze into your crystal balls and predict the Google presser happenings!

Author: RPadTV