What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It’s all about The Unfinished Swan for PlayStation 3 for me. The game launched for PlayStation Plus members earlier this week and is available for everyone next week. I’m thrilled that critics and fans alike are digging this one so far. Right now I’d say it’s my second-favorite game of the year next to Final Fantasy: Dimensions. The good/bad news is that I started the game on an old work account without realizing it. Starting over again on my personal account is like getting the gift of The Unfinished Swan all over again. Ha!

Aside from that, I’m working on a few personal vaporizer reviews. Since I was never a fan of smoking inside my apartment, PVs allow me to game and vape all I want. Bonus! On a side note, there’s a vendor that crafts a hand-made e-juice called Hadouken. I’m going to have to buy some on principle.

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6 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. League of Legends and perhaps some Walking Dead. I did not care for the controls on the 360 since I have to be able to invert the analog sticks. On PC it isn’t an issue so I want to give it a shot.

      1. Haha yeah the community can be….harsh. Hit tab and click ignore before minions spawn and your experience will be good until you get above 1600 Elo

      2. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about various communities in general for a possible (probably) Coffee Talk. It will be interesting to hear how you guys and gals describe the different Internet communities you belong to.

  2. Well since the hubby has 3 day weekends now, he tends to take up the ps3. But FFXIV servers will stop saving on Nov 1st, so I’m getting in all I can before it becomes “A Realm Reborn”. If I get the luxury of the ps3 it’ll be AC: Revelations and the original Borderlands. I’m hoping to get the Unfinished Swan for my bday on Sunday. If not I’ll count AC3 as a bday gift. Ha!

    Oh….and playing around on The Sims 3 new expansion >___>

  3. Pokemon White 2 and tetris tonight, work tomorrow and then hopefully some reading, and talking to models (probably some government officials too) on Sunday. No seriously lol, all day Sunday I will be helping my mother-in-law out with running a fashion show over in Illinois. I need to make some more progress in White 2 though, but I’m enjoying it so far. I still think Black/White 2 is a dumb name and they should have just gone with Gray, but the game is well done so far and from what I hear this is really how they should be going about future games within the same generation (sequels instead of remakes).

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