Coffee Talk #350: Your Summer 2011 Movie Wish List

What 2011 summer blockbusters are you looking forward to? Which ones are you on the fence about? Which giant movies are you definitely not going to see? Let’s all catch The Smurfs together!!! Anyone…

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Thor unofficially kicked off the summer blockbuster movie season last week. Tonight I’m off to a screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. While I’m 50/50 on that movie, I’m greatly looking forward to Green Lantern, The Hangover Part II, Captain America, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. I’m mildly curious about Kung Fu Panda 2, X-Men First Class, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. For some reason, I can’t stop watching the trailer to The Smurfs movie.

And you? What 2011 summer blockbusters are you looking forward to? Which ones are you on the fence about? Which giant movies are you definitely not going to see?

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52 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #350: Your Summer 2011 Movie Wish List”

  1. I might go see Capt America this summer and perhaps Transformers. The rest I can wait. I'll pass on Harry Potter since I'm sure there will be a collection sold around christmas which will make a great gift for my girlfriend.

    Hangover 2 is a rent.

      1. I was disappointed it was live action with some CG. I'd prefer just an old school animated film with Gargamel.

  2. I'm planning to go see Thor this weekend. The reviews are in and they seem pretty positive for the most part. Plus, I'm a big Ultimates fan.

    Funny. I was watching a bunch of movie trailers on last night to see what's playing when this summer. I would like to go see Kung-Fu Panda 2 as my wife and I liked the first one. At one point, I was going to absolutely see X-Men First Class and Transformers 3, but I have been so badly burned by X3 and Transformers 2, that I am going to wait until you people see it and let me know if it's any good before I start wasting my baby's college money to go see crap.

    There's a 75% chance I will see Green Lantern since I like Justice League-y stuff even though I'm not a huge follower of it. (I loved the fact that the character Aquaman in "Smallville" was a swimmer from the University of Miami since our school is known for producing Olympic swimmers and our colors just happen to be orange and green. Good job, DC!)

    I'm not sure about Hangover 2. There's no way it could be funnier or capture the magic of the first one. I’m not a Harry Potter fan, so I won’t see that for sure, and Smurfs looks like a really shameless, desperate cash-in for a brand that hasn’t been popular in twenty years. Good luck trying to get the new kiddies to like this without a current TV show to combat their 4-second attention span.

    I really wanted to see "Atlas Shrugged" (part 1), but a lot of people seemed to hate it (so now they aren't going to make the second and third parts- thanks a lot, a-hole movie critics!) so I guess I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD. I would love to see the inspiration for Rapture and Andrew Ryan come alive.


    1. Gee, I really hope Big Blak likes my new Gravatar.

      It's Kevin Garnett's face as he realizes that his team has been eliminated from the Playoffs by a "worse" team.

      The only thing better than watching the Heat win right now is watcing the Lakers impolde- over and over and over again. I love Tivo!

      1. Why you gotta ruin my happy day with that crap? No matter, I'm in basketball mode now (even though the Marlins are doing really well), and I'll worry about our sucky football team when the season rolls around. (I was really hoping for a lockout this year so I wouldn't have to suffer through another mediocre Dolphins season- damn!).

        In the meantime, I can't wait to sport the image of Wade, LeBron, and Bosh holding up the Finals Trophy.


      2. I have to agree. The Celtics are old and worn down—they aren't coming back to win this series. I do love that the Heat are doing well right now because of everyone who was/is mad at Lebron. Also, I love seeing two of my least favorite teams (Celtics and Lakers) get beaten.

    1. Im pulling for Memphis. I'm also going for Atlanta this time. Derrick Rose pisses me off.

  3. I don't watch movies in the theaters. I can't stand sitting next to people, people talking, kicking chairs, moving, no subtitles (its amazing the little things you can miss without subtitles on), no pausing, and just being cramped in those little seats (arm rests don't move at our new theater).

    So no summer movies for me.

    1. Subtitles are important to me too. For some of my friends and family, English is a second or third language. Subtitles make things easier for them. That's actually my big issue with Netflix. I wish it had subtitles.

      1. Most of my friends hate watching movies with me because I like subtitles on. It is nice to understand what someone's name actually is if someone says it funny, because I will get hung up on trying to figure that out and miss large chunks of the movie pondering the dumbest things.

    2. Damn, and all this time, I thought I was the only person I know that likes to watch movies and TV shows with subtitles. I have a hearing problem which makes it difficult for me to hear the high-pitched sounds and consonants in words. (I apologize in advance if I sound like a retard when I'm talking to you guys on XBL. Most likely it's because I didn't hear you properly).

      It's nice to see that I'm not alone.

      Hollywood should invent some kind of glasses that people in the theaters can wear that shows you the subtitles on a movie. Maybe I should patent that…


    3. I'm down with the subtitles. I have 2 kids that get noisy no matter what.

      Even before I had kids, I'd rock the subs because it eliminated the question "What did they say?".

  4. I always want to go to the theater but never get around to it. Last movie I saw was Avatar in Imax and the movie before that was Taken.

    1. The only movie I remember paying for in the last three years (in America) is The Other Guys. Before that, the last three or four times I paid for movies was in Thailand. A lot of theaters have VIP tickets that are still cheaper than America. You get a good buffet, unlimited popcorn, unlimited drinks, and a couch for two. Since I've been in LA, I've mostly attended free screenings.

  5. Gas just hit $3.99 here. So I can either buy 1 movie ticket or 3 gallons of gas. Gas it is.

    1. $88 to fill up on Monday. Eventually it's going to be a decision of: can I afford to eat anything other than chicken and rice?

      1. Ramen noodles. 24 for $1.98. Can't beat that. It can't even afford to fill up anymore. :(

    2. I would love to only pay $3.99 for gas right now. It's been in the $4.20's pretty consistently here. It dipped down to the $4.10's, but I think the last price I saw was $4.29.

      1. It's basically the same here as it is where BSU is. Some places right off the freeway have it for like $4:40.

  6. GL, obviously, Capt America, The Hangover 2, and HP: DH p2.

    I'm suspect on X-men: First Class, Transformers 3, and The Smurfs.

  7. I am really high for The Hangover 2, I love Todd Phillips' movies and the rest of them I'll catch on Dvd or at a friends house.

  8. @slicky
    I might just live on protein shakes if it came between ramen and hunger lol

  9. I'm not really looking forward to any of these movies to be honest. I will probably see them eventually, but only once they hit Netflix or Redbox (or rapidshare). I might go see the last harry potter movie in theaters because my fiance will want to go. That series is ok, they are decent movies to just have on in the background or have on the tv when they have a marathon and I'm on my laptop or doing anything else too. However, I have never been fond of the series and think it is all rather boring. I love reading and didn't like the books, couldn't get through them.

    1. For Boston's sake, I hope not. He is a good athlete and Shaq is a 90-year-old man in basketball years.


      1. Yeah. Time for Shaquille to file the paper work and wait for his hall of fame induction.

  10. @Big Blak;

    I tip my hat off to the Celtics for making the Heat a better team. After that series, I am confident we can take on anybody. Looking forward to the Hawks and/or Bulls.


      1. With the way the Bulls are struggling against the Hawks (no disrespect to RROD, lol) I don't think they would be that much worse than the Celtics. Even with them being an older team you can't deny that they have talent. Saying they are simply an old beat up worn down team at this point is just a cheap excuse looking for a reason to justify the Heat's win. I've seen a couple other people try this defense already too and I simply don't buy it.

      2. I think your right teams were still in the hunt, Perk got traded and then the C's hit a losing streak soon afterward.

      3. Yeah, who knows what the seeds could have ended up being. If the Celtics didn't hit that losing streak and the Bulls didn't get hot, perhaps it would have ended up that Boston and Miami wouldn't have played until the conference finals. Who knows if either team would have made it to that point (depending on their opponents).

      4. It might have been huge, but Rondo's injury can't be blamed for the Celtic's lost. Sure you can say he is an important part to the offense, which he is, but the Heat still won with him in the game early in the series.

      5. You got that BSU Heat in 5. The Heat barely beat the Celtics with all the injuries, no excuses, they lost. Don't sleep on the Hawks they have a lot of fight in them I still think they will win it in 7.

        Rondo injury cost the Celtics the series and he was STILL shitting on a healthy Miami defense (series wise).

  11. I'm watching the Cardinals at Cubs game on XBL (anyone who wants to join me is welcome, but it's the fifth inning already).

    Dude… the Cards fielding looks TERRIBLE tonight. I just watch the Cubbies get 3 more runs in all because of botched fielding.

    It's a pretty funny game.

  12. Ok, I want to see Thor and Captain America definitely. I'm not as sold on Green Lantern, but I've always been more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy. That being said, I'm ready to swear off the X-Men films forever if First Class is as bad as it looks from the trailers…and I'm an X-Fan first.

    Also, I wouldn't have said this two days ago, but I want to see the new Transformers movie. I know. Really, I do. But I got to interview the actor who's playing Neil Armstrong in it for the site today, and now I want to see it.

    I also really want to see the last Harry Potter movie. I'm a fan of all of the books and movies, so this one's a no-brainer for me. I was working at a Waldenbooks when the last book came out and I scared lots of kids with my Slytherin t-shirt that day.

    That pretty much sums it up.

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