PayPal Possibly Coming to Xbox 360: Do You Care?

One of the rumored features coming to the Xbox 360 spring 2011 dashboard update is PayPal support. Is this something you guys and dolls care about? In light of the PlayStation Network hack job, some gamers are especially wary about storing their credit card information on their consoles. PayPal, with its renowned buyer protection, might make console owners feel a bit safer. What say you?


Author: RPadTV

6 thoughts on “PayPal Possibly Coming to Xbox 360: Do You Care?”

  1. Nope. I decided I would never use PayPal again. I had money in my PayPal account before my ex wife wiped me out. The money sat there for 4 years. Then one day it was just gone. Checked the history and there was nothing saying where it went. It wasn't a lot of money ($60ish) but it is the principle of the matter, if I can't trust them with a little bit of money there is no way I am going to let them access all of my money.

  2. Can this be used in lieu of MS points? If not, then no. I'd rather give iTunes or Amazon my money for digital goods.

  3. Sure if it adds extra security. I'm not as worried of Microsoft being hit by hackers since I have my belief's on why Sony got hit, and I don't see MS acting in an antagonistic way towards anyone. However, added security is always a nice thing to know is there even if I feel everything is secure already.

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