GagaVille and Words with Gaga Coming to Facebook

Lady Gaga is teaming up with Zynga to expand her reach through the use of social gaming. Coming soon are GagaVille and Words with Gaga. I’m pretty sure you can figure out what those games are. In case you can’t, here are some wise words from VentureBeat’s “Dancing” Dean Takahashi:

On May 17, Zynga will launch GagaVille, a neighboring farm in Zynga’s FarmVille game. This will be a Gaga-inspired farm inside the game which will showcase Lady Gaga’s style and themes from her albums and videos. It will have things like crystals, unicorns and sheep on motorcycles. Users will get exclusive access in FarmVille to songs from Gaga’s Born This Way album before it is released on May 23.

In Zynga’s Words With Friends mobile game, there will be a Words With Gaga contest. If a player plays the special Gaga word of the day, they will be entered to win tickets to a concert on Lady Gaga’s next tour, plus a signed copy of Born This Way. Users will be picked randomly from May 17 to May 26 in the U.S.

Confession: I like Lady Gaga. Her music is catchy, she seems to genuinely love her fans, and I love the work she does with the gay community. I also think she’s hot in that “crazy girl” way. Most of you know that I love word games like Scrabble, WordFeud, and Words with Friends. With that in mind, I’m sure as hell going to play Words with Gaga. Who’s coming with me?!?


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