X-Men: First Class International Trailer is…

…not nearly as scary as the first one…but it still worries me. Banshee looked really cool in the trailer. Aside from that I saw a lot of over-acting. Yes, I understand that mutant persecution is supposed to be a serious issue, but these guys make it seem like an episode of Days of Our Lives.

Anyway, check out the clip and let me know what you think (please). Is it better than the first one? Does it give you hope for the movie?

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3 thoughts on “X-Men: First Class International Trailer is…”

  1. … still don't see Bobby in there anywhere. Considering he was part of the original class of X-Men, not having him in the movie equates to one less ticket sale.


    1. There's really nothing in this film that relates to an actual story from the comics other than the Prof X vs Magneto theme.

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