Today’s Poll: Gaming or Phoning While on the Toilet

Today’s poll was inspired by RPadholic Sandrock323. He mentioned that he never uses his Nintendo DS while…uh…making a deposit in the bathroom. He believes that his DS is too sacred. Do you agree? Is it okay to play some DS or PSP while doing the #2? How about web browsing on your Android phone or iOS device? Kindly take today’s poll and elaborate (hopefully not in a gross way) in the comments section.

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Author: RPadTV

25 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Gaming or Phoning While on the Toilet”

  1. I have a system with my phone, it stays in my left hand at all times until I wash my hands.

      1. Lmao no, not yet. I have to wait for my gf to pay her past due bill then I can order it.

      2. Its not a big deal but I just wanted to pay for it so I am not tempted to buy a recliner or some games. We both work for the same company and pretty much have the same shifts, and there is a Tmoblie store literally next door.

      1. Lol I don't talk on my phone much, I answer phones for a living so I am a heavy texter, and with swype, that just makes thing much easier for my left hand.

        As for the question I will say that "I'm leaving a dump" (why on earth would you want to TAKE a dump), which is usually followed by "eww gross" which is followed by " Don't ask what I'm doing."

  2. I've learned not to take my phone with me while on the can. Life lesson learned. But if I'm in the middle of something on my DS, darn straight it's going in there with me.

    1. I agree, you're going to be in there—might as well be productive. And that way you won't get bothered while playing too. Similar to your PSP my DSi is almost always with me.

  3. I take my phone into the restroom ALL the time at work. Sometimes I'll sit there and watch a movie on my phone with my headphones in. I have turned off the lights before to see the movie better. I have spent upwards of 30 minutes in there until someone else finally needed to go and was banging on the door.

    I'll take calls on the toilet, play games, watch movies. My PSP has gone with me before but not lately.

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