Coffee Talk #337: Buying the Same Game Again and Again

2K has pulled a Nintendo on me. By that I mean that it has me on the hook for three versions of the same game. Hell, I don’t even remember how many times I’ve bought Super Mario Bros. for various…

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I’ve played more than a thousand hours of Civilization Revoltion for iPhone. I’ll play more than a thousand hours of Civilization Revolution for iPad. If 2K releases an Android version, I’ll buy that and play the hell out of it too. 2K has pulled a Nintendo on me. By that I mean that it has me on the hook for three versions of the same game. Hell, I don’t even remember how many times I’ve bought Super Mario Bros. for various Nintendo platforms.

Several of my friends have bought multiple versions of Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, etc. From the originals to portable versions to digital downloads, it’s kind of astounding that we’ve bought the same game over and over again. How about you? Have you bought the same game multiple times? Or are you free of this madness? If you’re among the afflicted, please list the titles (and platforms if you can remember them) that you’ve bought over and over again.

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  1. Yeah, I refuse to do that (Unless you're counting buying Madden every year….)

  2. I have gotten Multiple copies of FF7 & 8 for the PS1, Super Mario All Stars twice on the SNES and once on the Wii, most of the Sonic games for the Genesis and then for XBLA, Duke Nukem on the PC, Jaguar, and XBLA, I know there has to be more but you get the idea.

    We are all suckers!!!!

      1. Right now I am saying no only because I have them and I don't like to be bothered while I play those games. If there was a way to play at home on a PS2 and then continue that same save file on a PSP I think I would get them.

  3. I've only purchased Metal Gear Solid twice. Once to play on my PS2 and then Twin Snakes for my GC. I keep all of my old systems, so maybe that stops me from repeat purchases?

      1. @RAy

        YES I DID! It came in the other day and I hadn't even opened it since I've been going through ME2. Make that 3 times I have bought the same thing for Kojima.

    1. The Jokes on me, I actually do buy it (almost) every year. That being said, now that EA is talking about adding persistant player profiles to their sports games so you get to keep a levels gained, experience, etc from iteration to iteration, I think there's actually a little more value in the annual releases. It's a royal pain having to start something all over again every year, whether it be a Madden Franchise or regaining all your Tiger Woods EXP.

  4. Yeah I try to not do this too much. I've probably done that with older games when I would think I was done with a game and then decided later I actually wanted it. I've bought Plants Vs Zombies for my xbox, fiance, and ipod touch. Same with Peggle. Those are the only ones I can think of now though, and they were only so I could have them in different places (and get achievements).

  5. Fire Red and Soul Silver are top of the list. Vigilante 8 was bought for N64 and Xbox Live Arcade. Ohh! I have two copies of FFXI for PC and 360. Generally speaking, there aren't many games I would buy twice, but I have nothing to show for my childhood gaming habits and there are plenty of games I wouldn't mind having again. /cough (Grand Stream Saga) cough (Eternal Eyes)

    1. I guess I have bought multiple pokemon games too. Some of them I have given away or bought for my little brother and sister. I also love getting used pokemon games to see what kinds of pokemon other people got or used. Sometimes I will get used games just to see if anyone left some good stuff on there, or to restart a game and trade it away with a couple decent starters or something on it.

  6. Pokemon seems like more of the same each time I bought it. I wouldn't dream of buying the same game twice; it just doesn't make sense. The only time I bought the same game twice was when I bought Star Wars: Battlefront II for my PC and PS2. PS2 has better camera control (and, in my case, no internet), while the PC version has faster camera control and internet. I don't regret buying both.

  7. Teh hubs buys most games with Madden or Smackdown vs. Raw on it. Have Twilight Princess on GC and Wii, FF Tactics for PS, PSP and on PS3 o_O, LoZ: A Link to the Past on SNES and GBA, Ocarina of Time on the GC, and I'm sure if we owned a 3DS we'd have it on there too. We also seem to own anything, but not multiple copies of the same, with the word(s) Super Mario blah blah, Tales of blah blah, Final Fantasy blah blah, Castlevania blah blah, Metroid blah blah and The Sims blah blah, and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell blah blah.

    Woot and hopefully White Knight Chronicles 2! /dance

  8. Just finished Mass Effect 2. Great epic game. Glad I took the time to give it a fair shot. Worth the low price for sure! lol

      1. @Nightshade

        Yes I did. I didn't finish it though. Choosing dialogue and planet exploring got to me. So I had to wiki the ending lol.

        **spoiler potential**





        I really liked Legion's story arc….hopefully ME3 he makes a return. Glad I killed Jack.

  9. I'm crazy for Kenji Eno's WARP productions games, particularly Enemy Zero, D and D2. I have D for the 3DO (Japanese/US), PlayStation (Japanese/US), Saturn (Japanse/US) The limited edition D: Director's Cut (Japanese 3DO) and D for DOS PC. I also have all the Japanese cover variants for D2, the US version and a copy of Real Sound: Kaze no Regret (just for the D2 Shock demo disc). As for Enemy Zero, US and Japanese Saturn and PC versions. I still want to see that SUPER limited Japanese Saturn box that had a bunch of cool stuff and was allegedly personally delivered by Eno to the few lucky Japanese gamers who could pony up the cost of the set…

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