Netflix Picks: Chocolate (Jeeja Yanin)

Since most of us stream movies from Netflix, I thought it would be cool to give each other weekly movie recommendations. Social discovery is all the rage and I think it would be awesome if we all shared one pick a week since we “know” each other. This week I’m suggesting Chocolate. It’s a Thai martial arts movie starring the outstanding Jeeja Yanin. She’s just a phenomenal talent with a potentially huge future. Although aspects of the movie are raw (it was made in a third-world country, after all), the fight scenes are some of the best I’ve seen in years. Check out the clip above for a taste of Chocolate (*snicker*).

If you happen to stream my pick, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Now its your turn to suggest one movie we should all watch. Please make sure it’s available on Netflix streaming.

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18 thoughts on “Netflix Picks: Chocolate (Jeeja Yanin)”

      1. I just finished watching Chocolate and enjoyed everything about it. What was especially awesome about the fights were that they are completely within the realms of someone that age and size, but more importantly they got better as the movie progressed and the characters got comfortable fighting. The dream scene is really cool too.

  1. Dog Decoded: NOVA

    Good documentary. I'm a huge dog lover so this was interesting to me. What I found most interesting was the comparison between primates and dogs when interacting with humans. The fox project in Russia was also very interesting. It reaffirmed my love for dogs and was just good to watch. Recommended.

    1. @Smartguy

      I saw another show that might interest you last night, it was the PBS frontline episode on Bernie Maddoff. Definitely interesting.

    2. I strongly dislike, borderline hate dogs (also extremely allergic to dogs) but I have been wanting to watch that NOVA special for a while now. My gf LOVES dogs and wants one so bad but not I.

      1. little harsh there smartguy, and i read that you were allergic…but how could you hate a black lab?

        you dont have to answer that, its your opinion..i just really dont get it, lol

      2. I love dogs but I hate cats. I understand that, but it makes sense that people would feel opposite of that. Someone has to love cats…I guess….

      3. haha j/k.

        i'm not fond of cats myself. They are neat…but the litterbox thing kills it for me. Also I have leather furniture and cats and leather sofas don't mix well. Leather is a necessity with dogs since it is so durable however.

      4. I don't like their personalities. Dogs are much more loving and actually want to play with you. Also, cats expect you to do things for them, dogs love you for doing things for them.

        Also, good advice to see who loves you more. Lock your significant other and your dog in the trunk of your car for an hour. When you come back and let them out see which one still loves you.

      5. LMFAO!!! I'm not really a pet person. We have a cat because my gf wanted a dog but I said hell no so we got a cat from the local shelter. If you get a litter box with a lid on it, its like magic. Most people don't even know we have a cat because it doesn't smell like cat piss in my apt.

        Just so you understand were I am coming from I don't like dogs for the following reasons:

        1.They smell

        2.They bark

        3.Have to have a yard or willing to walk them



        6.I hate small/toy dogs even more

        7.Dogs need attention like a child does and I don't want any kids

        8.Cats do their own thing and require minimal human interaction

      6. I am not saying that I hate dogs to the point of ignorance and being harmful to a dog. I can tolerate dogs because they are living creatures but that is it .

  2. The Pixar Story seems like one that everyone here would have an interest in, it just showed up on instant que recently and I plan on watching it this weekend.

      1. I hadn't heard anything about it until it showed up on instant. Then again I only watch real time tv when I want my xbox to rest because its been on for 12+ hours or something like that. lol

      2. It was on Starz last year. Excellent stuff. Cool to see Jobs talk about Next and Pixar after he was fired from Apple. Also shows that Pixar is here because of George Lucas' divorce.

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