What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I can’t stop playing Civilization Revolution for iPad…but I must. I’ve only scratched the surface of Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP and I really want to play more of it. The game is so clever and stylish. It brings me back to glory days of point-and-click adventures. I’d also like to play more Final Fantasy III on my iPad. Unfortunately, it’s only optimized for iPhone, so I have to double the resolution. It still looks pretty good…and job systems frickin’ rule.

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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  1. More Final Fantasy 7 and Parasite Eve. I've gone retro, I haven't played a Xbox game for almost two weeks now (I did use Netflix).

  2. I'm trying to register so I can do the beta for Black Prophecy. I'd like to see what it has to offer, but since it is a Free to Play MMO, I guess I can wait.

    Mass Effect 2.

  3. I'm playing some more Pokemon. I'm trying to just do a bunch of battle subway fights so I can try and get some items for use and for trade. It's slow going though since I don't have any of my good IV/EV pokemon from HG because I lack a second DS and cant pokeshift yet. Netflix and L4D2 this weekend as well.

    Also, I traded for a shiny UT level 1 charmander which I cannot wait to EV train and then level up to the badass looking shiny black charizard!!! I wish it had some 31 IV's, but it was only breed for shininess not IV's. Still should be relatively strong though.


    I still have a 31 IV in defense ditto and the Shiny Suicune to trade you whenever you want.

  4. Let's see… I have AC: Brotherhood, Battlefield Play4Free, Neir, Pokemon, and Dragon Age: Legends to play this weekend. Also downloaded the SOCOM beta because I've never played a SOCOM game before and I'm pretty sure I won't be getting back to it anytime soon.

    1. @Sandrock

      That Socom beta is MAG with a different name. I have MAG and like MAG and the gfx, logos, etc are all the same. Even the sounds are the same. A friend of mine wants to get Socom 4 as our "new" game to chill with but I'm not sure I want to pay for MAG again lol. So if you can find MAG cheap, it's the same haha.

      Let us know what you think of BF play4free.

      1. I might Gamefly MAG, but what I played wasn't fun.

        As for BF:P4F, I like it. Even though I dislike mouse and keyboard over controller, the game is still one of the best online shooters I have played. Better than Bad Co in some regards. Their training system beats out their previous unlock systems and has, so far, well balanced perks to choose from. There's no magnum ammo or body armor in this one, but you can increase the rate at which you heal from medpacks or increase you movement speeds under different conditions. lol I like that you have to unlock grenades.

        Only catch is they don't have well priced stuff in their store. If you wanted to unlock everything in the game, it would cost well over $60. I took a survey with them yesterday and left that feed back and they did ask in it if discounted bundles would make me want to buy things. Hopefully that means they are considering it because I wouldn't mind putting money into it for the right price.

        Can I have Battlefield 3 now?

      2. @Sandrock

        MAG is $30 at bestbuy. I don't think if you weren't thrilled with it that you'd like Socom

  5. I'm on the very end of Ar Tonelico, and I got a mysterious gift of Plants vs. Zombies on my DS so that'll get played too. And after seeing Clash of Heroes: Might and Magic show up on PSN, looks like my DS will get some love, since I already own it for that instead. I beat Nier, but didn't 100% it. It was driving me…insane. lol.

  6. Oh and since SOMEBODY installed Minecraft on my pc >_____>, I'll see what it's about firsthand I guess instead of standing around staring at them play <_____<

      1. >_>;

        I figured out how to make wooden weapons. Now what? Dig a hole in the mountain? O_o…

  7. Dissidia: 012. Still. Somehow, I keep losing my PSP (or losing the charger), so I have periods where I can't play. But it still entertains.

    I feel like playing HvZ, but that's not a video game. How many of you have heard of it?

      1. also, this isn't just a one day thing, or a once a week commitment. It goes on for weeks at a time 24/7 whenever you go outside. you also register stuff online whether you are a human or zombie.

      2. HvZ, or Humans vs Zombies, is a large-scale team game requiring teams of Humans to work together to avoid being tagged by the Zombie hoard. It's extremely fun, and is generally played in colleges over a time span of 7 days. If you want an in-depth explanation or just want to find out what it's about, it has its own website:

    1. I love the idea for HvZ, but the people who play it at my college are the really really weird kind of nerds that I don't care to associate with. Other schools apparently have pretty cool programs for it though.


      Think L4D with nerf guns and flour filled socks in real life played out across college campuses around America. Basically if you are a human you get a nerf gun which stuns the zombies for x amount of minutes, and you try to stay untagged from the zombies. If you are a zombie you try to infect any human you come across and not get stunned with a nerf gun. You have requirements for where you can play (no indoors) and you must wear your bandanas signifying whether you are a human or a zombie at all times. There is more to it than that, but thats the gist of it.

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