PadCast: EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich Talks About the Console Wars in 2010 and How to Become a Gaming Analyst

Catching up with EEDAR director of analyst services Jesse Divnich was completely cool. Naturally, I asked him about how the console wars will shake out in 2010, as well as Project Natal vs. PlayStation Arc/Gem and traditional handheld gaming vs. iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Things got really fun when I asked Divnich about his background and how he became a gaming analyst. It’s a tale of a “hick from French-Canada” moving to America by himself, living in a trailer park, studying hard, and working his ass off to become one of the top analysts in the business. Divnich also revealed why he’s better than his competitors and spoke about his relationship with Michael Pachter. (If I had it my way it would be The Divnich Debrief vs. Pach Attack.)

Oh yeah, you’ll also learn why Canadians would make the best terrorists. How can you pass that up?!?

Author: RPadTV

13 thoughts on “PadCast: EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich Talks About the Console Wars in 2010 and How to Become a Gaming Analyst”

  1. Good interview Rpad. I like how you included a picture of a trailer park when he mentioned he lived in one.

  2. I thought that this was a pretty cool interview, I really enjoyed listening to his take on a lot of today's issues, and especially about how he got to where he is today. And I thought it was pretty neat how he got into video game with a lot of id software's games (just like I did). Thanks for another great interview Ray!!

  3. @bsukenyan I think enough time has expired that I can say that my favorite part of the interview was 23:41 when Jesse said, "You will never admit it, but you're easily one of the top journalists in this industry."

    I'm joking…sorta…it was a nice thing to hear for sure. Ha!

    That said, I am not a journalist. You'll find out why in Coffee Talk #100!

  4. @ray I thought that that was pretty nice of him to say as well. It is always nice to be able to get noticed for your hard work, so I am sure you appreciated that. It's sort of reassuring. I also thought it was great that it was said by someone so highly revered in the video game industry as he is. People take notice of good work.

    I thought it was pretty cool when he mentioned wolfenstein just because I am such a huge fan, and that is definitely my first inspiration for anything video game related, like he said it was for him.

    And you are making us wait a while for why you are not a journalist, lol. I'm curious already, I'm not sure I can wait a whole week!! But I actually did want to mention something to you about coffee talk. I had an idea I've been meaning to pitch to you if you ever want another topic, I am curious as to what hobbies other people have outside of video games and if or how they relate to video games. My inspiration for that idea was that one of my few hobbies is I am a huge collector of pennies, but no one on this site would know that from any of the conversations I have ever been a part of on the site; and I'm sure there are other people who visit here that probably have some interesting hobbies or past times. Just an idea if you ever feel like using it.

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