Today’s Poll: Bobby Kotick vs. Tiger Woods

Last week, Tiger Woods issued a highly…polished statement regarding his adultery. At DICE 2010, Activision’s Bobby Kotick delivered a somewhat apologetic and explanatory speech that some people say was similarly manufactured. Who do you think makes a better sympathetic figure?

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31 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Bobby Kotick vs. Tiger Woods”

  1. gotta give it to kotick for what sounded like a genuine speech. maybe tiger is just a bad actor but I didn't buy much of what he had to say. not that I care what he did in the first place.

  2. Never cared that he got some, plenty of times, with more then one woman haha. But that speech did sound completely….read lol.

  3. I can't sway from Kotick now. Tiger probably would've gotten it but Tiger's just getting around to apologizing (publicly) to his family for deceiving them. He's only doing it so more sponsors don't drop him and so the public doesn't forget about him. Kotick has been labeled as the devil incarnate (sp?) by some of us gamers/developers. He's realized it and actually made me feel like he meant every word he said.

  4. Woods looked like he was apologizing from the uncanny valley. Kocklick at least was more entertaining and seemed (*Lord forgive me*) genuine in his speech.

    … although I still dislike the a-hole.

    Both of them.


  5. I could care less about Woods' infidelity. He's a grown man, and a very rich one at that. I don't know why he felt the need to publically apologize…BUT I really do not know why ppl that aren't in his family needed an apology. I guess it is a way of life for people to put their heads in the sand like an ostrich about the important things, but care about the dumb things.

    Kotick, I understand why you do the things you do, I just hate that you don't care about the industry the same way I do. Perhaps if you did, you would understand that the people who buy your games are similar to sports fans…they are your lifeblood, and you wouldn't cheese them so much.

  6. true, but EVERYONE can agree that tiger woods is the best at what he does

    with kotick, gamers hate him….if they didnt own infinity ward, id have no reason to support that dudes company

  7. @N8R

    You know that isn't true…they wanted money. I'm sure a few of them didn't realize he was married and thought they had hit the jackpot.

    Probably like that chick who thought she had landed Kobe Bryant.

  8. @smartguy/N8R

    I think they all wanted their 15minutes of fame once they saw the first one come forward and how much she got paid for their exclusive interview.

  9. @N8R

    Why should he have to pay in the first place for some random hookup? Those chicks need to just stay back and shut up. They got laid, that should be enough. No reason to get 15 million for being a skank.

    In that regard he should have just gone and seen a professional.

  10. @ The subject at hand

    The comment I made to Thundercracker… IT WAS A JOKE!!!! I had no idea you cared so much, Smartguy.

    Way to shut me up when I'm trying to bring humor to your morning routine.

  11. @N8R

    LOL, my fault entirely. I'm sitting in the main hall of the business building waiting for 11 so I can take my tax test. There are idiots here talking about Tiger Woods, and they big screen TV on the wall is talking about that crap. I think it is on E or something. Perfect storm of crap this morning.

    I should just go get a cup of coffee.

  12. @N8R

    I think you will need a Lady Gaga avatar at the very least. We will probably have this settled opening night.

  13. @ Smartguy

    Can I rock the pick of her wardrobe malfunction that prove undoubtedly she's not a transvestite?

  14. @ Smartguy

    Remember the thread where we talked about the catchiest songs ever? Lady Gaga has a few that fall into that category.

    "I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me."

    The "Poker Face" song can stay in your head for a week or 2 as well.

  15. @N8R

    Not in my head! I have no clue what her voice sounds like. All I know is that the tweens and freshmen love her. My knowledge ends there.

  16. @ Smartguy

    I'm sure you heard one of her songs while shopping somewhere or a restaurant. You just didn't know it was her.

    Watch, there will be a commercial during Lost tonight with one of her songs in it.

  17. i have literally never heard a lady gaga song

    im getting old

    my 3 year old daughter loves her though

  18. yep, same here smartguy…im so indifferent to the bullshit music that children have to listen to now, that i simply refuse to listen to ANY pop station

    i played some cypress hill at work the other day (how could i just kill a man)

    a black 19 year old girl was like "what the hell are you listening to??"

    made me feel old…..guess shes not used to actually hearing musicians without autotune?

  19. @thundercracker


    It seems that it is all about the single track today. The new song or whatever…eventhough it is from the same album that the other 5 songs that are played are from. I've noticed with rap and hiphop music that this is more prevalent. After a few months the music is considered old and can't be listened to.

  20. @ Thundercracker

    But if he was the best at WHO he does, all those women would have kept their mouths shut and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  21. @ Smartguy

    You’re always forgiven… because eventually you’ll have to rock an Adam Lambert avatar.

  22. Does anybody else find it amusing how this thing started with Bobby Kocklick vs. Tiger Woods and ended up with Lady Gaga and autotune?


  23. Hey Rpad,

    Can you bring back this poll? I'd like to change my vote from Kotick to Tiger. I know he had something to with Jason West's dismissal. Insubordination? are they in the military? that's the only place i've seen someone get in trouble for that.

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